Friday, July 6

Film Friday: The Apparition


Let's start with the tagline, shall we? 
"Once You Believe....You Die"

They do make a cursory "blink and you'll miss it" nod to the concept of belief being the catalyst which allows the spirit to attack, an idea which has been used (to much greater effect) in several other movies, notably The Skeleton Key, which is a far superior movie.
          ◆ The movie stars primarily Ashley Greene, most famous for her role as Alice Cullen in the Twilight films. (Groan.) And her boyfriend, Bucky Barnes Sebastian Stan. (It is worth noting that I have never seen any of the Captain America films, including Winter Soldier, so I cannot speak for the quality of Stan's acting as a whole. What I an say is that in THIS movie, he could have easily been replaced with a scarecrow and the performance wouldn't have lost anything. 
So yeah...the acting is shit. (Except for Tom Felton, who is drastically underused.)

 1.) There are a few scenes of "found footage/home recording" that is all shaky and jumpy with lines and stuff, as if it had been filmed with a shit camera in the seventies. During an alien invasion.
(I believe - especially with the !science! angle - that the presence of the supernatural is supposed to be creating interference. But they never say that, and the interference was there before the experiment was started, so no points for that round.
2.) The film starts off at point A, and then some shit goes down and then it suddenly goes to point...? C? F? There is little use of names, and even more egregiously, after point A skips to point ?, there is no "two years later" or whatever. So timeline establishment is poor, to say the least.

        ◆ I don't know if it's because the writer/director is a fan of horror and deliberately did it, but there are a handful of scenes that are wildly reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead 2004. Perhaps it was done as a shout-out? If so, it was a poor choice on several levels.

        ◆ Several things are spoiled in the trailer. Like, LOTS. 
        ◆ The entire ending is stupid. Just stupid and pointless and all-around lame as shit.

        ◆ The entire movie is Paranormal Activity but without being entirely found footage, and much less cohesive.

I could continue to rip this movie apart, but the fact that it currently has a rotten tomatoes score of 3% and only 24% of the audience giving it 2.5 or higher, is telling enough.


Heads Up: Language? Maybe? Ashley Greene spends plenty of time running around half-dressed, but there is no nudity. (Or scares.)


  1. I haven't even heard of this movie, and it does sound so very terrible! My husband and I recently re-watched cabin in the woods and I had no idea that the guy who plays Thor was in it! Weird watching stuff after people get famous for other things, you kind of watch it differently than the first time.

    But why would someone do such a terrible movie AFTER a blockbuster??? At least The Cabin in the Woods was good.

    1. Right? And Cabin in the Woods was creative and original. I actually have no idea how this movie got through production and someone said "this is good. I like it!"

  2. Sounds like a bit of a hot mess but I do like found footage horror/would probably still watch this over a torture type thing.:-0

    1. Hmm. It's a toss up between this and torture porn shit. This movie might edge out by just a smidge only because of Felton.