Monday, December 3

Car Story (Part III)

Welcome back to car drama land, kids!

When we left off, some fuckwad had turned our car into can opener car

So, Shawn and I are resigned and annoyed, but what are you doing to do? 

About a week later....
I get a phone call from Shawn, who is headed to work. 

ME: Hello?
SHAWN: Yeah...I just hit a deer.

My reaction: 

Yeah, not as such.

So this happened less than a mile from our apartment.Shawn has assured me that he is fine. But he's worried about the deer. Because apparently the motherfucking deer just got up and ran away. (Which happens.) 
So he picks me up and we drive to where it happened and yeah, we can't find anything. No blood, no antlers, nothing. (Which is good; I didn't want the deer to be injured terribly.) We tracked all around and could find no sign of Mr. Deer. 
Oh, except for our front end:

Did I do something to a car in another life? I mean, it could be so much worse. But the car is only 3 years ours, as of September this year. 

So we file a claim with the insurance people. 
They give us a list of acceptable body shops.
We take it to one, get an estimate.
$3,127.05 for repairs, because basically, the way the damn thing is built, they have to replace the entire front shit. And it'll be in the shop for 4 days.

THANKFULLY, because we have full coverage, we only had a $100.00 deductible to pay. But we don't have rental coverage, so we have to pay for our rental car in the meantime. 
AGAIN, VERY THANKFULLY, even though our insurance policy doesn't specify rental coverage, the company we have insurance through has a deal with a particular auto rental place so that they work together and we only have to pay $20/day for rental. 

So we drive a rental around for a while. 

To be continued...


  1. It's stuff like this, that if it were in a movie, would feel super made up and no way it would happen in real life. I love animals, deer included, but they are just the dumbest things.

    1. Lol - people would think it's just too ridiculous to be true. But as they say, the truth is generally stranger than fiction.