Sunday, October 20

Sunday Confessions: October 20, 2019

I Confess: Oh, everything. I have SO MUCH to say. I desperately missed my computer while it was gone, buy when I did get it back, I was so mentally exhausted from other bullshit in my life that I barely used it for several days.

I Confess: I had to go up a size for my work uniform shirts. The reason? I haven't gained any actual pounds, but because I was so sick for so long, I was very inactive and apparently my whole body just got puffier.

I Confess: I am working on getting caught up on my blogging stuff, but it is taking longer than it should because my brain isn't really firing on all cylinders and those that do work are completely preoccupied with stuff and so, since I have had my computer back, I've spent an inordinate amount of time playing Wizard 101, because it's relaxing and it lets my brain be busy enough to be not constantly obsessing about the same stuff, but isn't challenging my brain to know...function properly. The point? I'm working on it. All will be revealed. 

Still, it's good to be back.

Sunday, September 29

Sunday Confessions: September 29, 2019

I Confess: My trash people neighbors finally moved out! After they left for the final time, Shawn and I were like:

Squirrel Chipmunks GIF - Squirrel Chipmunks Happy GIFs

I Confess: "Float On" by Modest Mouse has been my theme song for the past eight weeks.

More on that to come.

I Confess: I recently posted an image on my instagram about a nice bruise I got from my PET scan and I was a little surprised to hear/see how many people knew what a PET scan was and the PM'sI got in response.

I Confess: I was absolutely going to do the first installment of my Halloween films retrospective, but I got super lazy tired and haven't finished the first post yet. Oops. (It will be up this Friday, however.)

I look forward to reading your confessions!

Sunday, September 22

Sunday Confessions: September 22, 2019

I Confess: I have been considering doing a review of the Halloween movies, but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in such a thing? Let me know?

I Confess: I have SO MANY posts to put up. Some of them aren't even full drafts yet, just titles or bits of a post. I need to get my ass in gear, but some of them must wait because I'm still waiting on more information. Maybe.

I Confess: I am finally back at work after being off for so long and I am thrilled, because I was going stir crazy and also not feeling like I was contributing anything was obnoxious and also, money. So I'm only allowed 3 or 4 four-hour shifts a week, but that is something, and I'm glad.

Sunday, September 15

Sunday Confessions: September 15, 2019

I Confess:  I am so feeling Autumn right now! All the Autumn things! I've been watching the Halloween series and changed my phone background to Autumnal stuff. (Actually did that September 1st.)

I Confess: I have not yet, however, had a PSL, or gotten PS flavored coffee. YET.

I Confess: I kind of don't care that Samhain is pronounced "Sawin." To me, it is "Samhain." I don't know. Normally I'm a stickler for proper pronunciation and such. I guess "Samhain" sounds creepier to me.  And hey, I do what I want.

Sunday, September 8

Sunday Confessions: September 8, 2019

I Confess: I fainted the other day and broke our stand fan - hardcore broke.

I Confess: We had to go to Father Fred to apply for assistance with car repairs (rear brakes). And as we were going in, there was a big 'ole SUV with a nice big MAGA bumper sticker on it and the two women getting out of it were the only other people walking in to FF at the same time as us in a rare moment of not-busyness at Father Fred. 
I may have lost my shit.
I may have started (loudly) spouting off about how hypocritical assholes who voted for Trump do not deserve any kind of public assistance. At all. 
I may have then descended into loud and ugly tears.

I Confess: You might recall that on my previous Sunday Confessions post, I mentioned that I was having difficulty getting gifs to translate correctly to my blog, and I couldn't figure out if it was a blogger issue or a giphy issue or what.
It occurred to me JUST TODAY that I had temporarily changed the settings on my account to show html literally and that I had never gone back to change it to interpret the html codes. So I changed it back. Dur.

Sunday, August 18

Sunday Confessions - August 18, 2019

I Confess: I just spent the last two hours fucking around with stock photos and fonts and photo editor trying to make a couple of new SC headers and I hate them both. Ugh. Groan. The amount of energy and going back and forth I have put into some of these headers, you'd think it was an actually important decision. And then I end up sticking with the kind of shitty one above.

I Confess: I have SO MUCH on my mind and SO MUCH to blog about, but it's one of those things where I don't want to write about it until I have all the information. As soon as I have the full picture, I will DEFINITELY be writing about it. 

I Confess: I also have a lot to blog about (possible Film Friday Reviews, other stuff), but if you follow my instagram, you know that I've been battling a wicked chest infection and double ear infection. Ah, well. It is what it is. (Note: I know a lot of people despise that saying, but I kind of like it, so there.)

I Confess: I just spent twenty minutes trying to add the appropriate gifs to this post because I do like gifs a lot and none of them are showing up and it just pisses me off. I'm not sure if it's a problem on the end of blogger or giphy (where I get the majority of my gifs) or what, but goddammit. I'm done.


Tuesday, August 13

47 Ways

Hey, look at me stealing Heather's post!

I will bold the ones that I relate to. My comments will be in red.
  1.  When someone asks you where you’re from and their reaction is “My family vacations up there all the time!”
  2. You know the word Fudgie isn’t a dessert. (Or a compliment).
  3. And that word is feared.
  4. You wear a street sign on your hoodies and t-shirts, but M22 means a whole lot more than just a road to you. Most people from here do, and I know what it is and why, but I find it pretentious, so I do not;.
  5. If you don’t have an M22 sticker of some sort on your car/laptop/forehead are you even from NoMich? See above.
  6. The city is run by Trojans, Titans, and Gladiators. And the rivalries are forever. Most people don't care about the Gladiators anymore.
  7. Thirlby Field is where Friday nights are spent in the fall. For a great deal of the population, yes. But I do not care about high school football.
  8. In middle school, football games were social events and you would walk around Thirlby about a hundred times talking with your friends and scoping out your crush.
  9. When Bardons was closing you almost had a mental break down. It’s still there guys, don’t worry.
  10. Moomers ice cream is amazing and usually worth the wait in the line out the door. Just make sure the wind is blowing the right way. It is located next to a lot of cows you know.
  11. The mall and downtown were the hangout spots before you got your driver’s license.
  12. You know West End is where the party’s at and Clinch is more family oriented.
  13. You’ve probably been on a date to Pirates Cove. Or at least a birthday party.Duh.
  14. Driving by the bays never gets old.
  15. Cherry festival traffic is the worst.
  16. You must tweet/Facebook/instagram how bad the traffic is and tell everyone how long it took for you to get to work.
  17. You’ve ridden the Zipper at the Midway because that’s what all the cool kids did. And hopefully lived to tell the tale.
  18. You will never turn left onto the Parkway in the Summer.
  19. You have come to terms with the fact that summer is most of June, July, and August. The rest is winter.
  20. High 70's is perfect weather.
  21. If you go to Pyramid Point and don’t post a photo were you actually at Pyramid point? No. You weren’t.
  22. You know how to drive in 30 inches of snow with 0 visibility because school wasn’t closed that day.
  23. You also know what it’s like to have school closed for a week because of all of the snow, no electricity, and being in a state of emergency,
  24. You know the “Snow Day” ritual by heart.
  25. Thinking about the Hickory hills tow rope still gives you nightmares.
  26. You or a close friend has broken something at Crystal Mountain, Holiday, or Hickory skiing/snowboarding in the winter.
  27. JP’s Mess was your go to breakfast meal until it sadly closed, now J&S Hamburg is the 24 hour spot. I do not remember this "JP's Mess." We had "The Clock."
  28. You know SUP doesn’t just mean “What’s Up?”
  29. You have a relative you always send “Cherry Republic” stuff, too. No, but I have relatives that BUY Cherry Republic stuff every time they visit, so it counts.
  30. There’s “famous” Traverse City families that everyone knows. “No way you’re a (insert last name here)?!”
  31. You still question why our Pro Baseball team is called the “Beach Bums”, but shrug it off and go watch the great American pastime anyway. The Beach Bums & their park was sold and reworked. We used to be in the Cactus League (I don't even know), and now we are in the Northwoods League (which makes a fuck-ton more sense) and our team is the Pit-Spitters.
  32. Cheddar Ale soup from North Peak. Enough said.
  34. We’ve all been scared at the Old State Hospital Grounds.
  35. And climbed that Hippy Tree that’s supposedly a portal to hell.
  36. You've "illegally" jumped off the Pier. Oops. I get it, but no.
  37. And you've jumped into the Boardman River off of that TART trail bridge once or twice. Sorry mom. I get it, but no.
  38. For Prom/Homecoming you go to the Open Space to take photos. It is the done thing, but I did not go to prom.
  39. It would suck if two schools had it on the same night because it gets crowded down there.
  40. Dons Drive in shakes are life changing. Not anymore. :(
  41. *gets friend request* “hey, it says they're from TC, I’ve probably seen them before!” *accepts*
  42. You’re used to being close to the water at all times.
  43. You got your boater’s safety license in 6th grade so you could drive a jetski with your mom.
  44. Hiking, fishing, boating, floating, being outside is how you spend your summer.
  45. Opening day of deer season means low attendance at work and at school.
  46. You and your friends' "meeting spot" was/is the parking lot of your high school. Or Meijer, usually Meijer.
  47. You are more than proud to be from one of Michigan's best cities.

Tuesday, July 9

Book Review: Death Overdue

author site/source

I wanted to like this book. I mean...a library that is haunted?
A cat?
Halloween? In New England?
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Let's list The Sins of the Book, shall we?

I have mentioned in a previous post that often, a writer's choice of words can be detrimental to their work. (Yes, it can also be beneficial, but I'm focusing on the opposite end of the spectrum.)

1.) What's my age again?
(Poor word choices and descriptions.)

The wrong word can date a book beyond repair. Example: if you read a book today, and a character used the "coolio" as a positive affirmation ("Let's meet up at the gym at 2." - "Coolio, see you then." You would immediately groan and it would suck some of the fun out of the book. (I am not, of course referring to books that are intended to take place in a certain time period.)
We've also all read books where the author is writing an age group incorrectly due to somehow failing to correct generation gaps. (Most often seen with older writers trying to write younger characters.)

Author Allison Brook makes a number of the two above mistakes.
Here are some quotes:
Chapter 1: "I ran my fingers the spikes sticking up from my scalp. Ever since high school, I'd been a rebel in the looks department."

Alarm bells start going off. Because even though they have mentioned the main character is meant to be 29, the hairstyle (and face) I immediately imagine is this one:
image source

Ok. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the author intended it to be an edgy pixie cut.

A few paragraphs later: "If she gave me another lecture on proper attirek this time I knew my rights. The library hadn't had a dress code for its employees since 1963. Still, I tugged at the ends of my tunic, which refused to budge any lower than midthigh over my leggings."

Um...ok. Definite orange flags being raised here. First of all, "tunic" is an extremely dated word, and we are meant to be getting the sense that our main character is a fashion rebel.
NOT getting that feeling, Ms. Brook. In fact, this description only confirms my earlier image from the hair style description.

Chapter 2: (Our main character now has a better job she needs to dress for.) "Good bye, Goth Carrie, I thought..."


Now, the author did mention that in chapter one, "Carrie" had purple hair. But it still made me think of those old women with the short spiky hair-dos that dye their hair fun colors. There was literally nothing about our main character that indicates she might be goth. Or even funky. (Or fun.)

Further, whenever our main character refers to her purse - wallet - wristlet - clutch - handbag - tote - literally anything else - you know what she calls it?
A Pocketbook.
Pocketbook is an even more dated term than tunic. The last person I heard refer to the thing women carry their stuff in as a 'pocketbook' is my grandma. 
Using that word is fine if your character is 50+. It's an alarm when the character is meant to be 29.

Later, our character shows how incredibly dull she is by wearing this outfit: 
"...decided to wear brown leggings, a beige blouse with a pattern of horses, a long beige cardigan, and of course, my new boots." ← (Which were brown.)  

2.) I gragidated the 6th grade.
(The main character is somehow a dipstick when we're meant to think otherwise.)
The main character expresses: "I was a bit annoyed that he hadn't told me about Al's being poisoned and his iPad disappearing when he'd questioned me the second time..."
Why would he?
The characters are not friends, lovers, or anything of the sort. She is a relative outsider. He is a cop. He's not just going to randomly share information with you, main character. Other mystery writers at least have to come up with some plausible reason a detective would include a civilian in their investigation. It wasn't like she had discovered the body and had mysterious information she didn't know she had so the police would want to talk with her to jog her memory or something.

Further to this sin, on the one occasion she does actually find something (pointed out to her by the ghost, which we will explore further), she actually is like "I'm not going to share evidence with them because they won't share with me." 
Why would they?
YOU ARE A PRIVATE CITIZEN! You are not even a P.I. You have literally no reason for them them to share evidence with you!!! 

3.) Poor plotting, point-by-point writing.
Which leads me to the next sin, which is the cardinal rule of cozy mysteries. If the main character is an amateur sleuth, they should probably do some actual sleuthing. Our main character, Carrie, spends the book like this: 
Describes outfit. - Goes to event. - Gives weirdly detailed description of food and what everyone eats. - Talks. - Goes home. - Goes to work. - Gives list of each work activity in stupid detail. - Goes home. - Gives weirdly detailed description of food and what everyone eats. - Talks. - Describes outfit. - Gives weirdly detailed description of food and what everyone eats. - Gives list of each work activity in stupid detail.

She only snoops once in the entire book and at the time it kind of makes zero sense why she would choose that moment, except the author wanted to wrap the book up. She does very little actual investigating or trying to coyly pry information out of the police. (Also goes under "focusing on the wrong things.)

4.)  Is that a tack (on)?
The cat. The cat appears randomly about 3/4 of the way through the book and has zero impact on the plot and then after a handful of pages, is never mentioned again. Tacked on, anyone?

5.) Focusing on the wrong things.
Halloween/New England.  On the first page, we get the description of chilly wind and crisp October leaves. Later, we are treated to the details of planning a Halloween party for the library. And that is pretty much it for atmosphere. Now, not all books require a strong sense of atmosphere & location, but people reading cozy mysteries generally expect it. And if it takes place around/during a holiday, it BETTER have atmosphere coming out of those pages! However, Brook is far more concerned with detailing what people order for lunch and how much library parties cost than creating mood or atmosphere. BOO! HISS!

6.) Lazy writing (Characters of Convenience).
Then we come to The Ghost. 
The ghost is just this random exposition dump, basically. Like, she serves no real purpose other than to point the heroine in the right direction, because she's too busy being worried about her not-goth wardrobe to actually investigate. 
And the ghost just appears. It's not spooky or fun or a slow reveal or even a mystery. 
Chapter one, the ghost, Evelyn, just appears and is like "I knew you had a gift but I waited until you were going to stick around until I revealed myself. So don't freak out when I tell you I'm a ghost." 
(I'm paraphrasing, but that's pretty damn close to the actual conversation.)  And then our ghost friend just occasionally hangs out with the main character. They chat, Ghosty tells Carrie information about other characters. Shrug. She's literally just another character, except she only interacts with Carrie. 

7.) Name/age/occupation.
The author is creating a series based on this character and town, which is fine. But she is so eager to introduce the reader to EVERYONE IN TOWN that the characters are mostly known by name and occupation and are often difficult to keep track of. 

8.) No hills on this hike:
And lastly, Carrie is coddled and/or adored by just about everyone in the book. She has no struggles. Our heroine needs her own place to stay? How about a guy who is a notorious hard-ass gives her a $400+ discount on monthly rent to let her move into his fully furnished cabin on several acres and a quiet river? And since she's so great, she doesn't have to pay first month's rent, either. 
And then he promptly takes off a day later and from then on she's like "he's so dreamy, we have such a great connection, what's between us is undeniable, does he like me, too?" (Guess what? He DOES, because OF COURSE HE DOES.)  

Even the few 'conflicts' she has with a co-worker at the library are minor and solved within pages with no fall-out and by the end of the book, even her 'enemies' have come around to see how great she is.
So, to sum up: 

G R O A N.

Monday, July 8

Sunday Confessions: July 7, 2019

I Confess: So apparently I have no ability to actually get my Sunday Confessions out on actual Sunday. Sorry for my suckage.

I Confess: I have been being super lazy and not taking advantage of the hot nice weather we are having here. I spent the entire 4th of July inside with the windows and shades closed up, watching Stranger Things Season 3 (granted this was Husband's plan, I just went along with it - but I went along with it). It's and heat...not so much.

I Confess: I go to the gym, and I get really bad DOMS the next day, and it tends to last for several days. We're talking debilitating levels of muscle tightening in my legs. So I haven't been to the gym since July 2. Part of me is considering cancelling my membership for a few months and doing something like low-impact yoga at home until I can get my muscles in better shape.


I Confess: Guys. I started following Jack Falahee on instagram because he's a cool actor and has nice pics but mostly because I want to lick him.

Wednesday, July 3

All the Small Things

So I was reading this post by Steff in Scotland and it made me think about some regional differences in the world, how things change, how they are transferred. 

There is really no rhyme or reason to this post, just observations.

❖ In a conversation once, Steff and I were discussing screens on windows and bugs and such and I was stunned to learn that all over the UK, people just...have windows with open holes. Not in the old-timey castle way, but you the window and it's just an open portal to the outside world, no screens. Which to me is awesome but also a bit insane. Because...bugs? It literally never occurred to me, someone who grew up in farm country where there were bugs-a-plenty, but yeah. Apparently screens aren't so much a thing everywhere.

❖ I use the word "wicked" a lot (or I used to). And on social media people I didn't know IRL would ask me quite frequently if I was from the New England/East Coast area. Apparently due to its common usage within that region. Which is funny. Accents are the thing, but also, special words?

Heather has used the word "hecka" in some back and forth between our blogs. Which I find hilarious. (No offense, Heather.) But where I'm from, using the word "hecka" would get you hella smacked upside the head. (We also don't use hella, but if were going to use an iteration of the word, it would be "hella."

❖ Another wordy difference is "pop." Literally everyone in Michigan knows what pop is. And thanks to the internet, many people are aware that Michiganders have this particular word-ism. But I was a writer even before the internet existed, and I discovered (through reading and paying attention and such) that the most widely used generic term for a carbonated beverage is "soda." Which is why, despite being a Michigander, I refer to it as "soda." Because if I wrote a book and someone was drinking "pop," it would be either wildly confusing, or else one of those things that sticks out like a sore thumb to identify an author's home, age, etc. (Like when people refer to something as a pocketbook.)

Suicide Lanes. This is my favorite. When I went on vacation to Virginia Beach, VA, circa 2002, I quickly learned about the concept of meridians, and how people would drive past where they were going, all along the meridian, until they came to where they made a U-turn with a light or some nonsense.
Da fuq? 
Yeah. Now, Southern Michigan is getting more on board with the meridian thing, especially in cities like Grand Rapids, Jackson, Pontiac, etc. But in Northern Michigan...we have left hand turn lanes. Which, a year or so after my vacation, I read the book A Widow For One Year and learned the term "Suicide Lanes" which is evidently what a great deal of the world calls left hand turn lanes. 

Now, this isn't a particularly good post, but it makes me curious about what other differences you might notice. What do you call cold carbonated beverages? Do you have left hand turn lanes or meridians? What kind of intricacies does your region have?

Monday, June 24

Sunday Confessions: June 23, 2019

I Confess: I FINALLY caved and bought a Keurig and yeah...I'm in love.

I Confess: I have not bothered to watch a single episode of "A Handmaid's Tale" on Hulu.
(I have read the book before.)

I Confess: Guys, I follow Tom Felton on instagram.


I Confess: 
Guys, I had this whole thing ready to be posted yesterday but I just saved and forgot to actually "publish" - so yeah.

Wednesday, June 12

Hey, Kicky...

I decided to do some blogging about the meds I take and why I take them.
I will try to be as transparent as possible, but there are things I will not discuss.

In a future post, I will explain exactly what prompted me to want to do this series. But for now, let's start with my most recent revelation.

I take a prescription medication I will call S. I take S before bed, as instructed on the bottle. To my knowledge, S is almost always generally instructed to be a before bed medication. Not because it works better at night, but because it "may cause drowsiness."
Now, on the spectrum of sleepiness warnings, "may cause drowsiness" is pretty damn low. (As opposed to the sedative-hypnotics class of drugs, wherein you (if you are like me), will be basically in a coma for the next 48 hours).


Now. I also struggle with RLS. I have for years. I also take medicine W. I would take 1 dose of W in the AM and one dose in the PM. (I have been taking W for far longer than S.) Eventually, the prescribing doctor, Dr. SoftSpoken, was like "well, stop taking the evening dose of pill W. That should help." (Incidentally, W is an antidepressent, so we were essentially cutting that dose in half, which brings its own list of side effects.) 
So I stopped taking the evening dose of W, because it can be known to cause wakefulness. And my RLS continued getting worse. And worse. 
It got so bad that I made a Dr. appointment literally for no other reason than "dear god, someone please help me with my restless legs!" 

 ^Actually pretty accurate idea of how bad my RLS had gotten.^

The appointment was not fruitful. There are only a handful of medications that can be used to treat restless leg syndrome, and most of them cause lingering drowsiness, which I am highly sensitive to, or have interactions with drugs I already take. There was literally one medicine that Dr. SoftSpoken thought might be a good fit. And insurance (at least mine) doesn't cover it. It's around $90/month. 

Yeah, I'll kick all night long, thanks. 

But Becky, aren't there natural remedies to ease restless leg syndrome? Pinterest alone has two-hundred gajillion recommendations!
Yes, there are natural remedies. And I have done them and continue to do them.
Walking, stretching, taking certain vitamins, magnesium lotion, regular baths, salt baths, massage, eating certain foods, drinking more water....there is a laundry list of things. I'm sure somewhere out there, someone will try to cure RLS by drinking vinegar - because the internet loves vinegar.


My point is, I have come to accept restless legs as part of my life that I can treat a bit, but will always be there.

And then I got sick.
I missed a week of work due to a nasty case of strep throat. (Boo, hiss!)
During that time, I took my antidepressants (most days), my antibiotic for treatment, and cold medicine to alleviate symptoms so I could sleep. I wasn't taking any vitamins and I didn't bother with S. (Who gives a shit about S when you can't stay awake for more than two hours at a stretch and you wish the misery would just end already?) But aside from being sick, I was sleeping quite well for once.

Then I got better, and finished my antibiotic, and started taking vitamins in the AM again, and took S again at night. 
And guess what? That first night? 


So I did some googling.
And literally every single medical/reference type website I found listed "may cause drowsiness" as a side effect of S.
Not a single one mentioned restless legs, excitability, wakefulness, etc.
But you know what the rest of the internet had to say?

The consensus seemed to be "Holy shit this stuff keeps me up at night! Oh my god, I haven't slept in three days because my restless legs are so bad!"

So I waited a day.

And then I took S in the AM as an experiment because I have a very hard time waking up in the morning.
And wouldn't you know it? I was wide-fucking-awake that day.  👀

So now I take it in the morning.


Here is what I would say is the lesson is, if you want there to be one:

Ask your doctor, ask your pharmacist, read the information pamphlet. Those are all obvious.

But also look it up on the internet. Don't rely on one website. Check multiple medical reference sites. Look it up on pinterest, instagram, reddit, because that's where people are most likely to give #realtalk about what it's like to be on that medicine. Of course it's going to be different for everyone. Every human body will respond differently to a medication. Read the good and the bad, take it with a grain of salt, and take note of your own experiences. It can help your doctor know you better and more importantly, help you know your own body better.

Thursday, June 6

What's In My Purse?

1.) A little notebook for extra paper. I originally bought this for Husband to write all his little lists in, but he is more of a scrap paper guy.

2.) Wallet, obviously. Bought for $2.00 at Plato's Closet.

3.) Blistex, in the only flavor I use of that brand - the bright green "menthol/minty" one.

4.) A tiny plastic jar that I use to keep pills in my pocket at work. (In case of headache or allergies.)

5.) A random pen from my the bank.

6.) A fold up brush because, duh.

7.) An empty tiny plastic jar for pills because I thought I lost my old one, but then I found it.

8.) The key to my locker at work. (If you're wondering why it's not with my keys, it's because I don't fancy keeping my keys in my pocket all day.)

9.)  A pair of barrettes just in case I need them.

10.) Back up hair tie, because obviously.

11.) Burt's Bees lip balm in Vanilla

12.) A stray fortune from the cookie from the last time Husband & I had chinese food. It says "Your Present Plans Are Going To Succeed" which is why I kept it. Sort of for good luck, but not really but also yes, really.

13.) Curél travel hand lotion (intensive care). Because I have dry skin and I hate having dry hands. Passionately. Passionately.

14.) Burt's Bees Medicated Lip Balm (Menthol/Minty again) - which is my favorite lip balm in the entire free world. And the only thing worse than dry hands is dry lips.

15.) A clicky pen. I always carry a pen and I far prefer the clicky style so no lids escape and cause stray pen marks on my stuff. Note: If you ask for a pen and I say I don't have one, I am in a hostage situation.

Wondering why my keys aren't on here? 
It's because when I'm home, I never keep them in my purse. I keep them in a teal blue cereal bowl on the counter. I don't know why, it's just a habit I developed.

What's in your purse?


Friday, May 24

Film Friday: Swiss Army Man


Guys....this movie. 
It is bizarre and weird and lovely and sweet and dark and whimsical and unnerving. 

So...yes, this movie is known as the farting/erection-having corpse movie. And yes, there is plenty of farting and plenty of awesomely terrifying erections.

Paul Dano plays Hank, a deeply depressed, sort-of suicidal man, while Daniel Radcliffe plays Manny, an essentially magical corpse.

Apparently this movie has been quite divisive (evidently a lot of people at the Sundance and Cannes film festivals walked out, while others stayed and cheered).
And yes, this is the divisive farting corpse with an erection movie. But that is SO not what it's about.
Best way to sum it up: 

And it IS super fun. I laughed so hard at points that Husband got a bit concerned, and I got teary-eyed at several points throughout. Fucking brilliant.

Rated R, currently available on Netflix
Heads Up: I would say adult themes. Kind of adult content. (Fake) erections. Death stuff, sex stuff, maybe language?

Friday, January 25

Film Friday: Imperium

Once again: I don't normally do this, but I am putting up a
Racism, slurs, gestures, and images. 

source - imdb

Let's start with the trailer, as always:

I had no desire to see Imperium for quite a while. One, I am not naturally drawn to dramas and Two: well, obviously.

I did have a bit of fear that this would turn into into another Point Break/Fast & the Furious where it's all "You're too emotionally close, you're making friends with these guys." And that's one thing with bank robbing surfers, it's another thing with white supremacists. If you want to know, click here: spoiler alert.

So, was the movie enjoyable? Well, yes. It's not, at it's core, a political movie. It's not light fluffy on in the background fun, but it's not like "Well, shit. Now I'm really depressed." It's somewhere on the spectrum of: you could eat popcorn watching this movie - but would you want to? 

Radcliffe starts to shine from the head-shaving scene onward. His character is nerdy FBI agent Nate Foster who goes undercover as a neo-nazi. He was rather good in the role - not creepily good where you're like, "Maybe this comes a little too easily?" but I mean, Radcliffe was well cast (apparently a lot of people were like "But Harry Potter!" and that never happened. Also, I give him an A+ for his accent.

Additionally, a lot of the typical scenarios you might find in this type of film weren't there: no, "he creepily falls in love with sweet down-home girl who is also a nazi and has conflict," no, "he actually takes a shine to something in his new life and realizes he's actually a badass in disguise." And for that I am glad.

Of course it's not a perfect film. There is a lot of tension and some of the scenes are definitely queasy making, but I wasn't on-the-edge-of-my-seat-holy-crap-what's-going-to-happen-next. But it was good, watchable, straightforward. Could've had more elements added for tension, but does what it does quite well as it is. 


Heads Up: Language, violence, nazi stuff.

PS...There was one scene I found quite funny. "Nate" is at a family cookout and some lady is like "Oh, I made cupcakes, have one!" And there's a tray of little cupcakes with frosting swastikas on them and I'm sorry, I laughed really hard.


Wednesday, January 23

A Conversation With My Period:

And my doodle of my angry uterus: 

Which Shawn very helpfully pointed out looks rather like these guys. (It was not intentional.)