Friday, January 25

Film Friday: Imperium

Once again: I don't normally do this, but I am putting up a
Racism, slurs, gestures, and images. 

source - imdb

Let's start with the trailer, as always:

I had no desire to see Imperium for quite a while. One, I am not naturally drawn to dramas and Two: well, obviously.

I did have a bit of fear that this would turn into into another Point Break/Fast & the Furious where it's all "You're too emotionally close, you're making friends with these guys." And that's one thing with bank robbing surfers, it's another thing with white supremacists. If you want to know, click here: spoiler alert.

So, was the movie enjoyable? Well, yes. It's not, at it's core, a political movie. It's not light fluffy on in the background fun, but it's not like "Well, shit. Now I'm really depressed." It's somewhere on the spectrum of: you could eat popcorn watching this movie - but would you want to? 

Radcliffe starts to shine from the head-shaving scene onward. His character is nerdy FBI agent Nate Foster who goes undercover as a neo-nazi. He was rather good in the role - not creepily good where you're like, "Maybe this comes a little too easily?" but I mean, Radcliffe was well cast (apparently a lot of people were like "But Harry Potter!" and that never happened. Also, I give him an A+ for his accent.

Additionally, a lot of the typical scenarios you might find in this type of film weren't there: no, "he creepily falls in love with sweet down-home girl who is also a nazi and has conflict," no, "he actually takes a shine to something in his new life and realizes he's actually a badass in disguise." And for that I am glad.

Of course it's not a perfect film. There is a lot of tension and some of the scenes are definitely queasy making, but I wasn't on-the-edge-of-my-seat-holy-crap-what's-going-to-happen-next. But it was good, watchable, straightforward. Could've had more elements added for tension, but does what it does quite well as it is. 


Heads Up: Language, violence, nazi stuff.

PS...There was one scene I found quite funny. "Nate" is at a family cookout and some lady is like "Oh, I made cupcakes, have one!" And there's a tray of little cupcakes with frosting swastikas on them and I'm sorry, I laughed really hard.


Wednesday, January 23

A Conversation With My Period:

And my doodle of my angry uterus: 

Which Shawn very helpfully pointed out looks rather like these guys. (It was not intentional.)