Saturday, June 25

Scenes From a Supermarket

1.) Some Things Don't Change:
A couple in their late sixties is shopping in women's lingerie.  The following conversation ensues:
MAN: Look at these.
WOMAN: Put that down.
MAN: But if you got this, we could try that thing again.
WOMAN: (Exasperated) I told you already!  We did that once and that was enough!
(As told by Kathryn)

2.) Conversations You Wish You Didn't Hear:
Walking by the pharmacy, there is a rather elderly foreign couple (sweet-looking, nice smiles!) at the pharmacist consultation window.  With them is their daughter (trust me, it was their daughter), who is translating this conversation, as I'm assuming they didn't speak English and she was helping take care of her aging parents.
TECHNICIAN: We don't have a generic for Levitra.
DAUGHTER, to PARENTS: x, y, z.
PARENTS, to DAUGHTER: a, b, c?
DAUGHTER: What about Viagra?

3.) Verbal Slaughterhouse:
Asked if she had scanned a gift card, the cashier responded:
"No, I slided it."

4.) Can't Make This Up:
Logan* asked if there was something specific he could help with.  Since I still had to get the clothes organized for my nightly checklist, I figured he could work on the tables.  So I said:
"Well, hey, how are you at folding laundry?"
LOGAN: Um, I have a maid, a mom, and a girlfriend. Laundry's not really my strong point.