Sunday Confessions: May 1, 2022


I Confess: 
I went to the dentist on Wednesday & got a couple cavities filled (but one in particular) - and I got a clean bill of healthy gums, no new cavities or issues, and healthy roots. Which made me very happy because I was having anxiety dreams about my teeth cracking open and splitting up through my skull and breaking my skull in half. So I'm glad it's all fixed and there's nothing new.

I Confess:
There is a broken stop light at a busy intersection. It's blinking red on all sides and is just a total disaster waiting to happen. It's been like that for a week already and the word is that it will probably be like that for a couple more due to waiting for parts & also someone who can do the repair work. Thank goodness I don't have to go to that side of town much. There is also a ton of construction near this light and like, three different detours to go around and it's all very convoluted and ridiculous. I only know this because my dentist is on that side of town. So it made the trip there and back quite interesting.

I Confess:
I was really sick for a while. It started off as like a cold, then turned into Covid! When the 'Rona calmed down and I tested negative, I was left with a nasty case of bronchitis. I ended up missing 2 weeks of work which I was/am quite upset about, and left with intense monetary anxiety, since Husband was ALSO sick - symptom for symptom, he was about 36 hours behind me. So he missed some work, too. Which never happens. So, fuck. I am picking up all the hours I can, but the anxiety remains.


I Confess:
There was a bill put forth and qualified Michiganders are getting a car insurance refund thing. To help with the "devastating costs of car insurance in Michigan." Apparently, Michigan has some of the highest rates in the nation. I guess? I'd always heard Rhode Island was the highest, and California is notorious for it. But apparently we're up there, too. Anyway, we haven't received our rebate/refund check yet and that is also causing me a great deal of anxiety. Because it's like...dude. Now.

I Confess:
I feel like this SC post is a lot more involved than my usual. There's a lot to unpack here, I feel like. 

Spring/Summer Goals 2022


Since spring is in some ways a non-entity in Michigan where winter bleeds into "spring" which bleeds into summer until about the July mark, I decided to combine the two.

1.) Get a Good Full-Time Job With Medical Benefits:
This may take a while. I don't want just any job; I want (need) something I can be happy with long term. I like my current job at Old Navy, and the people are awesome, but I'm not full time and I don't know what the insurance is like if I ever do make it. Additionally, the pay isn't that great. Not terrible, but could be better. I'd be happy if they made me full time and even happier if they gave me a raise - even $0.50/hour would be great.
I have been on the hunt (again, not for just any job, but you know...THE JOB) and I have applied for a few jobs I am wildly under-qualified for, which I sort of found entertaining.

2.) Clean All the Windows Inside & Out:
It's just such a task, I don't do it often and obviously never in the winter. 

3.) Take Advantage of the Weather & Walk Outside More:
Guys. Let's be real. I am a lazy fuck. But fresh air and exercise (even mild) is supposed to be good for you. So I'll give it a whirl. 

4.) Get Neptune Desexed:
For realsies, now that he's old enough.

5.) Get Bankruptcy Finalized:
For reals. It's been a bit of a production scene, but we're closing in on the end. 
6.) Spend More Time With Family & Friends:
A bit of a challenge when everyone works and people also want down time. But it's easier to get places when the weather is nice - not just the physical logistics but also 6pm in winter is like...dead of night I should be in bed - but in summer it's like late afternoon. So. Yeah. The vibe.

7.) Read More:
One of my winter goals was to write more and I failed that epically. Between my carpal tunnel and pinched nerves, and melty brain, writing has been a challenge. But I'm feeling like I definitely want to read more.

What are your goals?

Winter Goals Update


How did I do on my goals for winter 2022? 

1.) Getting Neptune Desexed:
Not done. It was going to be done when we thought she was a girl, but apparently boys have to be older to prevent urethra troubles. So we are waiting one more month or so. 

2.) Getting Our Bankruptcy Finalized: 
Not done yet. NEARLY. Couple weeks away. There was a bunch of end-stage paperwork that had to be updated and more blah-blah-blah. It's always something. 

3.) Write More: 


4.) Organize My Digital Photos:
90% done. It has been such a huge project organizing thousands of pics. But I'm working on it and I'm mostly done. 

5.) Import Documents From Open Office: 
Success! I completed this task 100%. Yay. Got something done. 

So all in all, not great. But could've been worse. 

Sunday Confessions: April 24, 2022


I Confess:
I was in a total winter brain funk for weeks. From Jan-Feb. And then a bit of March. And I was trying to fight it, but at the same time, the WORST thing about depression is the lack of will. 
Depression sucks, and I tend to go through a downward spiral every winter. I'm working on it. It is not easy. Depression sucks, yo. But I've been working on pulling myself out of the fog. 
I Confess: 
I got sick. As I write this, I am still sick. First the 'Rona, which then devolved into bronchitis. Much better, but still struggling with a wicked dry cough. I missed a ton of work. Boo! But I am back and glad to be, but wearing a mask at work s-u-c-k-s because it is a warm store.

I Confess: 
I started this post a few days ago, and I'm just now finishing it at 10:20 Sunday evening. Well, at least it will be done, and posted on actual Sunday. So that's something. 
I Confess:
I recently watched the new Resident Evil movie and I have a review post started, but I just don't know how to go about it. The film was infuriating, btw. 

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