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For starters, I live in Northern Michigan.

This blog is about all the things I feel like sharing. What you'll get:
  • Body Stuff. All the Crap From Getting Healthy to Weird Experiments to Trying to Make My Hair Healthier.
  • Anxiety & Depression Stuff 
  • Sarcasm.
  • Reviews of Various Things: Everything From Books & Movies to Beauty Products to Food Items to Whatever I Feel Like.
  • Cat Pictures.
  • Random Shit That Comes Out of My Head.
  • Badly Drawn Doodles.
  • Occasional Rants
What you're not going to get:
  • Advice on Blog Improvement/Coding/Design, etc.
  • Instructions on how to do makeup or hair. (I don't even know what I'm doing.) I will share reviews and experiments, just not like "Oh, this is how to achieve perfectly blended eye shadow."
  • Fashion, OOTD posts. (I may do the occasional clothes post, but if I do, it's probably likely to be related to "why the fuck did I let my jeans get to be this size?" and "hey, I got a cardigan for Christmas."
  • Mommy posts. (Not against mommy blogs or posts - I read several; it's just I'm not a mom.)

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