Thursday, February 9

Happy Cat

So I'm listening to "Whatever" - which, let's be honest - is Godsmack's best song.  Maybe it got overplayed, but it's still my favorite of their work.  This reminded me of a wonderful little kitty named Happy.  So this blog is all about Happy 'Ma-Wow-Wow'.

This cat had a heart and a personality to break even the hardest heart.  Shawn and I had been given $120 to get started buying "wedding stuff."  It had been an extremely difficult summer for me - for a lot of reasons, which I won't go into now - but it was.  We had a warm, sunny, perfect summer day off together and Shawn felt it would be good for me to get some fresh air.  So we walked around, took a bus downtown and had lunch, and in general just enjoyed our tiny city.  One of our final stops was at PetSmart to look at the cats.  I love cats, see, and I think Shawn wanted to cheer me up, to warm my heart.

That's where we found Happy.  Of course, her facts sheet said the name was "Madison."  But she was so obviously not a Madison.  Written at the top of her sheet was: "Such a Good Girl."  I felt so drawn to this beautiful, unique kitty.  I tickled her paws between the bars with my fingers and she tapped my fingers playfully, and purred away like it was the best thing ever.  The AC Paw rep came over and "formally" introduced us, allowing me to hold her.  Immediately she relaxed in my arms and started purring away, drooling all over my arm.  I thought maybe I had done something wrong, until the woman explained that some cats do that when they're happy.  
Happy kitty.
So we spent $90 to adopt her, plus a small additional donation, plus a few extra accessories.  So much for the "wedding money."
She was worth every cent.

After a few days of adjustment in her home, Happy found a partner-in-crime and new best friend in Isabelle.  Together, the two of them got into far more trouble than either one could've gotten into alone.  Happy taught Isabelle how to open cupboard doors and how much fun could be had with a piece of lint on the floor.  Isabelle showed Happy that no matter how many times you crash while playing fish-bird, jump right back up and attack that bastard.  No Kitty Fear.  

The dement-o sisters making 'cat face' for the camera.

Eventually, Happy even became quite the instigator, and would do whatever she could to incite Isabelle to chase her.  Her favorite game, in fact, was to get Isabelle wound up and then act innocent and coy.  She was Isabelle's polar opposite and perfect compliment: where Isabelle was a show-boat, Happy would sit quietly and watch.  Where Isabelle is one of the most athletic cats I've ever seen, Happy was a downright klutz and often appeared intimidated by tough, scary objects like feathers and balled up pieces of paper.  She was playful, but on her own terms, and she was careful.  She was content to let Isabelle be the rock star of their duo, herself a humble fan of her best bud.

But more than anything else, Happy was, as the sheet said: "Such a good girl."  When I was crying - and I cried a lot that year - no matter what I cried over, whether it be a sad movie, a news headline, a stubbed toe or a grief attack - Happy would find me.  If my tears were silent and she was sleeping, she would still find me with her kitty radar and cuddle up to me, make biscuits on my tummy.  I know people say animals don't feel, they don't understand.  But they do.  Happy knew.

Happy had a kind, soft heart.  I know a lot of people don't believe that animals go to Heaven, but I do.  (Well, probably not bugs and stuff, but who knows?)  She was the truly the sweetest animal I have ever had the joy of knowing.

Best Buddies

Finally, a few notes about this amazing cat who blessed our lives.

  • When I put Godsmack on, she would run and hide under the bed.
  • But when I put on The Beach Boys, she would hop around the living room all excited-like with her unique little call "ma-wow-wow."
  • Her favorite thing to play with was any piece of lint she could find on the floor.
  • Normal cat toys intimidated her.
  • She loved to climb into the dryer every chance she got.
  • She was obsessed with pumpkin pulp.  When we carved jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, she ate the pulp like it was crack.
  • She was a kitty angel with a soft, kind heart and I'll never forget her.

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