Tuesday, April 3

Adventures with Food

So here are some snippets from recent that don't really fit anywhere.

I followed the directions on the package EXACTLY.  It said to broil for 5 minutes.  Now, I have never "broiled" garlic bread; it is always baked, so I was skeptical of this method.  Additionally, this was my first experience broiling anything, but I was game, figuring I'd only learn by doing, right?

Yeah, no.  Sometimes when the package says 'broil' and you think 'bake'....go with the baking.  Play it safe.

On a frigid night, I opened every window in our apartment as wide as possible to let the stinky burnt-garlic smoke escape.  

And apparently I am not as adept with smoke alarms as I should be, because the only way I could figure out to stop the beeping was to yank the stupid battery out (and I didn't even realize that's what I was doing until it was out).  
Garlic bread: 1 - Becky: 0

Please tell me you see the alien face here.
I took about twenty pics with different flashes trying to get a decent shot that would show what I saw when I picked this nugget out of my 4-pack of McNuggets. (And no, I am not at all proud of the fact that I ate such terrible "food.")

I was pretty worried that no one would see "McAlien," so I gave him a toothpick body to help with the visualization.  Shawn and I differed a bit on how to handle this new edible friend.  I gave him a body and took pictures before I ate him because I knew he was special.  Shawn, meanwhile, was of the opinion 'your nuggets are getting cold, and are we going to watch "The Walking Dead" or not?'
Well, geez.

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