Friday, August 17

Sufi Got Traded to Philadelphia

I haven't posted anything for a while mainly because I haven't had anything to say.  But I'd like to take a minute to do a tribute to a wonderful boy who spent a year with Shawn and I.

Last August, my sister-in-law, Sara, moved to Seoul to spend a year teaching ESL.  It was a wonderful opportunity for her, and in the meantime, Shawn and I watched her baby, Sufi.

A few days ago, Sufi was returned to his mommy and they make their way to Philadelphia to start a new chapter in their lives.

We do miss the giant cuddle boy, but we took video and lots of pictures, and we always knew he would be going back to his mom.  It was harder for me in the days leading up to his departure - I cried a lot - than it was to actually say goodbye.

Since he has left, the apartment has felt quieter than before, even though he was not a noisy cat.  It's unusual to be sleeping and not have a 25 pound cat cuddled up under my arm and not be woken up with kitty kisses on my nose 1000 times a night.

But it has not been bad.  When Sara left our apartment with her boy, Shawn and I could both tell that he was happy with his mommy, and thanks to some awesome catnip, he was pretty chill for the departure.  He belongs with his mommy, but it was a wonderful year getting to know him and we had a lot of fun.

The upside is that Isabelle, who is primarily used to being a solo act, has been significantly happier since he left, mainly because she doesn't have to share her people anymore, something she was never good at.

So goodbye to Sufi, I'll miss you, buddy.