Sunday, November 18



"Helping" Daddy with the computer.
Isabelle is our baby.  Plain and simple.  And she knows it.  She has more personality than most people (and she's smarter than a lot of them, too.)  It amazes me how she can be so intelligent and at times so dumb.  Example: once we put a chair next to the sliding glass door so Izzy could have multiple heights for bird-watching.  We came home one night to discover Isabelle standing on the chair with her paws on the slider door handle, trying as hard as she could to push it to the side and crying the whole time.  Smart enough to know how to work the sliding patio door, even if she didn't have enough kitty strength to pull it off.  And then, only a few hours later, dumb enough to jump into the glass door when getting over-excited about a bird dancing on same patio.  Dur.
In some ways, Isabelle is my hero.  She goes at the world 100%, putting all her energy and passion into whatever she's doing at the moment, whether it's insisting on being cuddled, demanding her special food, or jumping around chasing her toys.  Wonderful Isabelle.


  1. Wonderful post babe! We are so blessed to have this mighty jungle panther in our lives : )

  2. Oh man, I wish I had a cat! I'm allergic though :(


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