Sunday, December 9

Honorable Mention: Black Christmas

Switching gears on the holiday movie scene, this time around we're going to look at a Christmas-themed slasher flick, Black Christmas, a 2006 remake of the 1974 original. There are a lot of people who poo-poo this version and go on about the original classic being the only good one. To that I say: flooey. Nuance and subtlety and all that is is great. But this version is fun. Sometimes a horror movie can just be sorority girls running around getting killed in creative ways - fun.
Here's a brief look (no spoilers): 


"Merry Christmas from your friends and family at Clark Sanitarium."

"Tastes like chicken. Because it's chicken."

The scene of several violent deaths gets turned into a sorority house.
Seems about right.

Michelle Trachtenberg has just realized what her character did to Buffy.

Possibly the worst case of jaundice ever. 

Maybe don't eat sugar cookies while watching this movie.
You've been warned.

"Fuck you, Santa Claus."

An alternate title for this movie: Running For Your Life and Looking Good Doing It

Oh, snap. Katie Cassidy has met the Ghost of Casting Choices Yet to Come.

If you are a fan of the horror/slasher genre, I definitely recommend giving this a check-out. No, it's not going to exercise your brain, but hey, cuddle up on a cold, snowy night with a bowl of popcorn and take some time out from the Christmas craziness and enjoy a different version of Christmas crazy.

- All screen stills were taken by me from my own copy of this movie.-

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