Thursday, January 31

Best of the Non-Humans

A List of my favorite characters who are not entirely human.  (In no particular order.) 

1.) Pigwidgeon~

Pigwidgeon is a show-off, anxious to prove his letter-carrying abilities and is usually flapping around with excitement and getting on the nerves of the other birds.  But since I never cared for Scabbers even before the fateful 3rd Year, (because a pet rat - eew!) I was super delighted when Pig showed up.  Not nearly as dignified as Hedwig and not as old and worn out as Errol, Pig is eager and enthusiastic and I loved it whenever he showed up.

2.) The Great Gonzo~

What is Gonzo?  He's been referred to as "whatever," an alien of indeterminate species, and an alien of the species "Weirdo."  I personally like the "Weirdo" the best.  Along with his girlfriend, Camilla chicken, Gonzo is by far my favorite of the muppets.  He's a freak and I love him for it.

3.) Gollum~

Ah, Gollum. I first read The Hobbit in 5th grade.  Aside from the three trolls, Gollum was my favorite part of that book.  Fast forward several years and The LOTR trilogy is released and I fell in love with Gollum all over again.  Yes, he was evil.  But he was also completely batshit insane.  Let's hug it out, buddy.

4.) Sephiroth~

Close, but not exactly human, with an (understandable) God complex.  Did anybody else replay FFVII solely for this guy?  Seriously, who really cared about Cloud anyway?  I just wanted to make out with this baddie.

5.) Data~
Ah, Data.  He was my favorite Star Trek character when I was a kid watching with my Dad (no talking during the show!) and he's still my favorite member of the starfleet.

6.) Dobby~
Okay, do I even have to explain?  I mean . . . Dobby!

7.) Krang~
Poor Krang.  If it hadn't been for Shredder constantly screwing things up by continuing to use Bebop and Rocksteady as his henchman, Krang would have successfully taken over earth several times over; he had a long-range plan, see?  Meanwhile, Shredder was short-sighted and allowed his obsession with bringing down The Turtles to get in the way of the ultimate plan for global domination.

8.) R2D2~

Let's face it: at one point or another, directly or indirectly, R2 saved the entire cast of Star Wars - except for the bad guys and Yoda (because Yoda can take care of himself).  Without R2 to repair ships, stop trash compactors, open and shut doors and everything else he did, The Rebel Alliance would've been pretty much fucked.  Did R2D2 ever get a medal from Leia?  I think no.  He just got cleaned up and sent back out to war.  And when watching Star Wars, which character elicits the most emotional response from viewers? That's right.  A robot.  Not the orphan destined to become a Jedi and help balance out the universe.  Not his put-upon sister the princess, not the aging Jedi who sacrificed himself at the end of the movie . . . nope.  It was a robot whose sole language consisted of beeps, boops, and "oooohhh."  And yet we loved him and rooted for him even more than the main character, that Luke fellow.

9.) Salem Saberhagen~

I really can't explain.  A man sentenced to spend 100 years as a cat as punishment for trying to take over the world.  Ah, Salem.  Even today, he makes me laugh out loud (for real).

Tuesday, January 8

Doodles of Cats

Here's a picture I doodled of Sufi.  He's wearing knickerbockers and holding his gentleman's straw boater hat.

And here's a picture Shawn doodled of Isabelle back in the wild west.

Hope our "art" gives you a chuckle.