Thursday, February 14

Happy Birthday, Isabelle!

Not sure how this is comfortable, but hey, cats are strange.

Rolls into this position whenever she wants to say "Look how cute I am!"

Has a weird habit of sitting on Shawn's lap and burying her face in his elbow to take naps.

Feeling good about dropping her toys in the food & water dishes.

As Shawn & I prepare for a move, she goes in for the kill.

Teaching my hoodie a lesson.

Please, oh please!

Playing fetch with a pair of Daddy's socks.

A few minutes mischief free.

-This is Isabelle's 7th birthday.
-To this day she is still very active, athletic, and playful.
-Her favorite birds are Mourning Doves (she gets most excited to see these out the window).  -She doesn't really care for Starlings - they show up and she's like "whatever."  (Oh, but Mourning Doves, she gets so excited she starts trembling and smacking her gums together and trying to jump through the glass.  Dork cat.)
-She now recognizes what the word "birdie" means so much that if Shawn or I say it, (even without inflection, just in normal conversation) she will come running from another room and look out the window to find the birdie.
-One of the original names I considered for her was "Professor" because of her highly intelligent and inquisitive nature.
-She does not go outdoors.
-She thinks everyone who visits us is here to see her.
-She doesn't like cat treats, but gets a small can of wet food or a bit of tuna fish almost every night.
-Her last weigh-in showed her at 6.5 pounds.
-She was the runt of her litter and also the most spirited - she was the first one of her litter mates to try wandering away from the nest box; she had to keep being put back with her siblings 'cuz she kept insisting on exploring.  Basically, she was the smallest but the most piss-and-vinegarish.
-When she was a nursing baby, her brothers and sisters would all be sleeping in a pile together and she would run up and jump onto them as if they were a pile of leaves to get them to play.

~So that's our baby.~
~Happy 7th to Isabelle!~

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