Tuesday, August 27

Rain, Reading, A Headache and a Nap...

This was the lion's share of my day.
Also: watched "The Lion King" with Shawn, who had never seen it before, and yes, got the car fixed. But mostly, this was the day.

Tuesday, August 13

Movies That Make Me Cry: That One Scene...

Earlier, I did compiled a list of Movies That Made Me Cry: The Entire Thing - a list of movies where the whole damn thing just pulls on your heart strings for the entire running time and I just don't watch those movies.

Here is a list of movies I enjoy, except for that one scene I always have to skip over because I can't handle watching it.  And here they are, in no particular order:

(To spare us all, I'm including them as links, NOT embedded.  Because dude.)

 - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - The Death of "Anty" 
(What's in the clip is bad enough, but this doesn't include the actual dying of Anty and the kids saying goodbye.  Still...WTF?)
(Also: Shawn makes fun of me for not watching this scene because he's quick to point out all the scale flaws and that hello - fake ant - but still.  It's sad.)

The Lion King - The Death of Mufasa
Remember this warm, cuddly, happy little scene?  Yeah.  I am incapable of watching this with dry eyes.

My Girl - Thomas J.'s Funeral
First time I saw this movie (when I was 11); I pretty much fell apart.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Judge Doom Dips a Shoe
Holy hell!  This is just some sadistic shit!  (I had trouble just finding this clip and didn't finish watching it.)

And finally, what list of sad movie scenes from back in the day would be complete without the one that had kids everywhere in tears for days?

The NeverEnding Story - Artax Dies in the Swamp of Sadness

Saturday, August 3

B Sides: The Stuff of Nightmares

These nuns are baked.

Holy hell!  This "cute little girl" is going to eat someone's flesh! 

At night this portrait comes alive and eats children.  The flowers are actually her victims.