Thursday, April 10

My Body is Weird.

So remember that UTI I had and had to take the hard-core antibiotics for? Well, when I did my initial urinalysis, the nurse said: "Doctor X says your urine looks suspicious."  Which caused me to imagine this:
My urine sample could rob a bank in the old west any minute now!

Well, I finished that and had to go in for a check up because I've had relatively frequent UTI's in the past year or so and also over this time period I've developed an awful pain in the left side of my uterus every shark week and for a few days after. It's a wicked stabby pain that hurts more when you push on it and whatever. I'm not going into details describing the exact nature of the pain. Suffice to say, it wasn't there before, it developed about a year or so ago and it's steadily gotten worse and the pain and symptoms of the whole thing have steadily gotten worse as well. So, check-up.

After finishing the round of antibiotics, I did a secondary urinalysis that came back - and I quote - "abnormal."  Which made me imagine this: 

So they did a whole bunch of tests. Sent my urine out for an in-depth culture which came back negative for recurrent infection and they still have no idea why my suspicious urine is abnormal, but it is. Also: they did a full blood work up on me and except for a few numbers being a little high, most things appear normal. 
And yet. 
Things are so not. 
To quote Dr. X: "Your system is clearly out of whack." 
Out of whack is a very clinical term, btw. 

I have a pelvic ultrasound coming up just over a week because there's nothing more fun than invasive vaginal exams. They want to check out all the plumbing: ovaries, uterus, bladder, all of it.

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For the first picture above, I googled shifty eyes  and ultimately borrowed an image from this site to modify for my own purposes.