Friday, August 22

Movies From Back in the Day: There's a Killer on the Loose!

This is a collection of films from my childhood that have varying degrees of mystery & suspense as well as varying degrees of comedy and seriousness, but the one thing these films have in common is that the killer isn't anything supernatural like ghosts or aliens or demons but good old-fashioned people and their people motives.

Once Upon a Crime

This silly little movie made me laugh mostly because of John Candy and also because of George Hamilton. I remember The Detective made me laugh and the silliness of it all. I haven't seen this movie in a l-o-n-g time but I remember thinking that when they were trying hard to be funny, it didn't seem funny and the other stuff was funny. Mostly: John Candy. 

Young Sherlock Holmes

While as an a kid I did enjoy (what I think of as) the classic Holmes and I still enjoy the Peter Cushing films to this day, as an adult, my leanings go toward the sexiest, most modern Sherlock.  However, as a kid, Young Sherlock Holmes had that sense of fun adventure and just enough terror (from the hallucinations) to keep my young brain thrilled. This was a favorite of my sister, *Christine, as well, and I have fond memories of watching it with her, often on a snowday home from school warming up with cocoa after we'd been out playing in the snow for hours. 

The 'Burbs

Oh Tom Hanks. To me, this is Tom Hanks. Eighties and early '90's. Before Wilson (admit it, you cried like a baby, too) Tom Hanks was just the guy next door. In this movie, he was literally the guy next door. Add just enough perfectly timed physical comedy, clever, quippy dialogue, and a fun, light story and of course I still enjoy this 80's classic. 

And of course...


Love it. I don't even know what to say. It's hilarious. The dialogue cracks me up, Tim Curry is freaking awesome, and the story comes together nicely. It's one of those movies that never really gets old and you can come into it at any time and just watch and enjoy. The middle of 3 kids, on the occasions when we couldn't agree on what to watch, Clue always won.