Wednesday, November 26

Jon Arbuckle Can't Cook

I clipped this little piece from Garfield's Thanksgiving Special because it's my favorite part. Obviously I will be doing other things on Thursday, so I am posting this the day before.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thursday, November 20

Not Very Sophisticated Doodles

Hope and her perpetually blank stare.

Once Shawn asked me to bring him some "Robitussin" but it sounded like "Robotussin" and I laughed like a hyena because it was hilarious to me.

When Isabelle was a kitten new to living with me, any time I went into the bathroom for any reason, my then-roommate would holler "Your cat's crying again." And so I would go let her in and if I was using the loo, she would dance around my ankles and cry until I picked her up and held her. Comforting to a six-week old kitten with a bit of separation anxiety. Slightly odd that eight and a half years later, she still considers bathroom time "cuddle time." 

Tuesday, November 11

Cats Are Weird: Drinking Shower Water

Seriously, I have no idea what possesses cats to feel the need to jump into the shower after you're done and drink the water because - eew - but they do it.