Monday, December 8

Menses Survival Kit

1.) Heating pad for all my backache and cramping needs.

2.) Ice pack for the ongoing migraines and accompanying neck aches.

3.) I have come to prefer Pamprin over Midol. Both make me feel druggy, but Pamprin does a better job of actually doing its job.
(Also note: menstrual supplies are one of the few things I refuse to buy generic. I do not fuck around with that stuff. ONCE, I tried generic Pamprin to save money, and it didn't do crap.)

4.) Water. I am not a person who drinks a lot of water by nature. I don't drink much of anything by nature. I like milk. I once saw on an episode of Man vs. Wild where Bear said something about our brains need 1 Liter of water every single day just to function and technically we should have at least two Liters/day.  (It was a desert island episode, but I can't remember which one.) I can promise you that unless I am consciously thinking about it, there is no way I drink 1 Liter of water a day. Not even. All around, I believe this is a major contributor to the fact that I generally feel poorly. So I'm making an effort. I'm always making an effort. But PMS has a way of reminding me that I'm thirsty and need water.

Other needs: 
- Chocolate
- A shit-ton of sleep. I swear, I don't know why PMS is so exhausting, but for about a week, I feel like I need to sleep 23 hours/day and eat everything in sight for the other hour.
- Protein. I often crave things like bacon cheeseburgers or other red meat.
- Girly things. By that I mean - whatever the hell I am in the mood for, ok? 

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