Thursday, April 21

Thoughts I Had While Reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

  • What the hell does an essay about Scrabble tournaments have to do with feminism? 
  • "Typical First Year Professor" is a pretty good.
  • Okay, wait . . . I thought this was a book about essays on feminism and suddenly I'm reading extended book reports. 
zooey deschanel confused wat new girl huh

  • Granted, there is a connection made between the books she critiques and feminism. Given the inclination, I have zero doubt Gay could turn each critique and analysis into a beautifully written, in-depth A+ thesis paper. However, what we are given in this book is more like a junior high or high school level of "My Book Report on Book Title and how it relates to modern day feminism.
  • My god, more book reports?
  • Oy, this book is fucking d-r-y. I thought it was advertised as having cutting wit, touching intimacy, and I'm still reading freaking book reports.
  • Ugh. Daniel Tosh is a jackass. 
  • Wait, that's all you have to say about Robin Thicke? 
  • Huh. Anastasia Steele's name is shortened to Ana, which is also the shortened form of anorexia, and both are obsessively restrictive, so maybe 50 Shades has symbolism after all. Probably not. (Not something mentioned in the book; my own little distracted observation.)
  • God, is she still talking about Twilight and 50 Shades?
  • If you want to talk not just about women's sexual desires, but specifically a BDSM lifestyle and how 50 Shades addressed it, and the impact it had on popular culture - then go ahead and do so. 
  • Yes! I am not the only one who wants to slap the shit out of Quentin Tarantino (who is sometimes incredibly talented and sometimes incredibly overrated - it's a 50/50 situation). 
  • Do not get me started on Tyler Perry.
angry mad buffy the vampire slayer hate buffy
  • Am I allowed to have an opinion on Tyler Perry, since I am white? (Sarcasm.)
  • There are a lot of movie reviews here.
  • Oy, This woman doesn't like anything. 
  • Obviously Orange is the New Black is going to exist as the story of Piper as the center of her universe and everyone else is a planet orbiting her - it is based on her memoir. Not on someone else's memoir. Doi. 
  • And what is the deal with the scathing, sarcastic, "it's diverse, you know." Were people praising it for it's diversity? I mostly thought people were interested in the acting and the stories and the drama and the general crazy.
  • Perhaps I am WAY too uncultured.
  • Also? Orange has really grown as a show since then and no one even cares about Piper anymore.
  • Well, shit. Since I don't like Twitter and don't follow and obsessively keep up with it, I'm pretty much out of the loop on everything of importance in the world. It's just too much noise.
  • Seriously, how do people keep up with all the noise on twitter?
loop mario xpost snes final
  • Wow. For a woman who celebrates her own uniqueness, who embraces her contradictions and confusions, she sure does come across as someone who wouldn't embrace it so much in others.
  • Is she aware that not all feminists can agree on reproductive freedom? I mean, there are some women who are all equal work/equal pay, but are totally pro-life. It's not a cut-and-dry situation.
  • This book was hyped way too hard.
  • No, I don't feel like I had unrealistic expectations. She is a Purdue professor who openly says she does not feel the need to lower her standards and expectations for her students. Why should her audience lower their standards of good work?
Despite what it may look like above, I actually did like this book. There are plenty of interesting enough essays, and even the dullest, driest of essays has at least a section that could capture my attention. There are a decent enough amount of clever, if not necessarily humorous, lines. And a handful of humorous ones, too.

Gay was not on my radar before this book was published, so I did not know until after I finished reading it that she was already a well-known blogger, writer, feminist, and that the essays were almost exclusively previously published blog posts. If I had been following her prior to the publication of this book, I would have felt cheated, a sentiment I discovered to be widely echoed by those who did.
I borrowed this from the library, so I'm not out the $15.99, but had I bought it - I would be irritated about the quality of the writing.

Gay raises a lot of good points, but really isn't adding anything new to the conversation. And really, that's okay, too. Maybe this could serve as an introductory guide, maybe a young lady who is unsure or unaware of many things will be inclined to read this book (especially given how well-known it is in mass media), read this book and learn some things she didn't know before. In that end, it could be very successful. 

Unfortunately, the essays that are meant to be personal are some of the most cold, distant, and impersonal. (Which is ok. Just not how it was marketed; it was marketed as being touching and intimate and clever and sharp and witty.)  
A large portion of the essays are essentially book reports, which read like a junior high or high school level of "My Book Report on Book Title and How it Relates to Feminism."  
Which in and of itself is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with dissecting a book and looking at its elements for better or worse and the portrayal of gender, race, politics, all of it. 
But again - that is not what this book was marketed as being.

The biggest disappointment I had when reading this book is that I felt nothing. I wasn't angry, sad, happy. I never chuckled, I never felt outraged, just kind of bored.

Sunday, April 17

Sunday Confessions 4-17-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: While I am definitely enjoying Bad Feminist, I am not enjoying it nearly as much as I expected to. Halfway through, and I'm already more interested in the next book I checked out from the library. 

I confess: Shawn & I have been binge watching Bates Motel on netflix and I am just entranced with the whole thing, especially Vera Farmiga's Norma Bates which is just hypnotizing. We have 2 episodes left of what's available on netflix and then we are moving on to the new Kimmy Schmidt which I am stoked about. (I realize nobody says stoked anymore. Apparently I do.)

I confess: Internet advertising annoys me. It just does. I know it's a thing. It exists. It's not going away. It will probably get worse. And ads in general are okay, and advertising in and of itself doesn't bother me. But when page loading slows because there are SO MANY ads on a page, or, there are a bunch of ads but then the page still won't go anywhere because it's waiting for the inevitable subscribe by email! pop-up box which is slowing down the page even worse. That shit is like a cheese grater on my nervous system.
And yes, I do close pages when I lose patience because I have better things to do than wait for slow-ass sites to load when I could be watching a crappy horror movie.

Tuesday, April 12


In my last post, I shared that I had removed the facebook app from my phone and had conflicted feelings about it.

Now, I feel the need to share a couple things:
1.) I currently use an Android.
2.) It's old. When I bought it, the model I have had already been out for two years, I think. So in phone land, it's ancient. However, it works well, meets my needs, and like Harry Potter lusting over the Firebolt, while I dream of having a shiny sexy new whip fast super new phone with a cool interesting case some day, I honestly have no good reason to give up the perfectly good Nimbus 2000 Cleansweep 7 I have now.

And no, I don't use facebook in browser because it's a pain in the butt.


The app uses up more than 1/3, but less than 1/2 off my free storage space. Even after I move it to SD card, and takes up considerably less, it still occupies more than I'd like.

Without this one app, my phone runs significantly faster, I get about 99% fewer crashes-freezes-error messages. (Mainly because even when I force stop it, it's still running in the background doing all it's secret background crap. Which basically all apps do, but this one is like a super high maintenance cheerleader from a '90's movie.)

I am a lot less inclined to want to want to destroy the world. Let me explain:
I follow several news sites, from local to country to world.
The truth is, facebook is generally "the morning paper" for me.

friends shame ross david schwimmer

I have breakfast, I check instagram, I scroll through facebook and see what the big news stories are and what everybody is losing their shit over on this fine day. Many of the news stories are repeated, because. And of course, you know, if you read one news story, facebook thinks you don't know how to internet, so it gives you a whole bunch of suggestions of other places to look.
And I kind of do feel like there are a handful of stories that make up the bulk of the "mainline" news:

  • A politician/businessman had an affair/was corrupt. 
  • Someone famous turned out to be a jackass.
  • Still war in the Middle East.
  • Somebody killed a white girl under the age of 35.
  • Somebody killed a child in an overly sick, twisted, purely evil way that makes you physically nauseous.
  • Another plane crash.
  • Hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, floods. 
  • Civil rights are not just stalled - they are going backward in this country. Seriously, What the fuck, America?
  • Politicians. (Which is very different from Politics.)
So it does get tiring after a while and I don't miss the constant in-flux of (see above). I don't wake up to my "morning paper" and immediately want to throw my phone against the wall because 
  1. It's slower than snot (is snot slow?).
  2. The world is clearly doomed.

As much as I despise the news, I do like knowing what's going on.

I do like that morning paper time, checking in and seeing what's up in the world. 

I also follow some really cool, fun things, too. Like Shorty and Kodi. I do love the fun pictures and videos. 

Occasionally people I know post some cool stuff instead of stuff that makes me want to unfollow their stupid face. (Politics.) 

And truth be told, I was watching a movie this morning that I kept thinking "I could absolutely be running through facebook while watching this." So there is the cheap entertainment value that somehow just doesn't compare to anything else, because facebook just doesn't require brain power or concentration the way, say, solitaire does.

Finally, I really enjoy being able to post quickly when desired. 

I think I will probably leave it off for a while, but I'd like to hear what you guys have to say on the thing. Do you use the facebook app? If so, how much/what for? How does it affect your phone? 

Finally, I was looking for something on instagram and came across the hashtag
#fuckerberg because of Zuckerberg which made me laugh more than it should have. What can I say I am easily amused. So here's what I think every time I think of #fuckerberg

lol laughing taunting humiliation the simpsons

Sunday, April 10

Sunday Confessions 4-10-16

The United States of

Before diving into this week's confessions, I just wanted to note that my new layout isn't quite finished yet, but I hope you'll enjoy it. For your convenience, the Sunday Confessions Button will always be available on the Buttons tab at the top left of the screen for ease of use, no matter what day of the week you post your confessions. I hope this will work for everyone.

I confess: The reason it took me until 3:30 PM to post today is because I was absorbed in a book.

I confess: I need some cool new blogs to follow guys. This is not rhetorical. Suggestions, please.

I confess: I am coming to the conclusion that Me + Carbs For Breakfast (read: cereal) = Setting Myself Up For a Low Energy Day

I confess: I really need to clean the apartment. And I'm internetting.

Finally, I confess: I temporarily took Facebook off my phone. Not only is almost half of my storage freed up and my phone runs much faster, but I feel a little less like I want to throw my phone against the wall. 
However. There are ups and downs to both sides, and I'll be posting about that and hopefully getting some feedback from you guys. Anyway, here is my thought that didn't get posted this morning since I don't currently have the app on my phone:

Morning boogers are the worst.

Sunday, April 3

Sunday Confessions 4-3-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: I killed my twitter account. I wasn't using it, I saw no need for it, and frankly I find twitter annoying. If I have something to share, I'd just rather use instagram.

I confess: I finally got around to starting Bad Feminist. However, I am concurrently reading a mystery/romance novel.

the simpsons homer simpson doh

I confess: Last night was a girl date with my sister, we watched movies, funny youtube videos, played with the cat, bitched about our hair, and talked about clothes and TV shows and all the things. It was a good long night. Over the course of which...I ate an entire medium pizza by myself. 

I confess: I took a bath late last night and had an awesome video of Isabelle playing in the bath water and when I uploaded it to Instagram, I found it not only is taking longer but it keeps stretching the video out (which it did not do before) and I got inordinately annoyed and may have sent them an angry "report a problem" message.