Friday, January 20

Film Friday: Cooties


This is a horror-comedy that is kinda gross in places. And it's awesome. I cringed. (Actually, the beginning of this movie, probably one of the grossest things I've seen on film and may have to rethink my meat-eating lifestyle.) Anyhoo....I cringed, I laughed, I cringed and laughed. 
This movie delivers on what is promised in the trailers, and truthfully, I wouldn't recommend this movie for kids; the humor is definitely adult and ranges from subtle to "this is going in the trailer" obvious. 
I did have a fun time with this movie, I first watched it on the sci-i channel with my sister where it was edited for content and a little bit for time. I enjoyed it enough that I checked out the uncut version and if you choose to see this, I HIGHLY advise the uncut version, as it was meant to be seen.

I'm not going to buy it, but I can definitely see myself watching it again at some future point.

For me, the only real negative I have for this film is I feel like the last 10 or 15 minutes kinda went off track, not terribly, but it wasn't as seamless as one would like. Additionally, I found the final climatic scene to be . . . a little silly. Like, I know what we're dealing with here is not believable at all, but the climax went {just outside} of reasonable suspension of disbelief. 
The ending scene is not a neatly wrapped package, but it leaves it open for a sequel, which I have zero doubt will eventually happen.
(I should say that a lot of people were like "meh" about this movie and think it's a one-shot can't-carry-a-sequel thing. But...Hollywood, guys. A lot of points in the movie point to a sequel and truth be told, I feel like it needs one in order to wrap up all the loose ends. Without a "Cooties 2," the ending of this one would be just TOO clunky. So I am reserving judgment on that.


Heads Up: Violence, gore, {carnage!} a fair amount of swearing but overmuch, some drug use, adult humor. Also, the beginning scene. Seriously, the opening credits...shudder. (It is worth noting that I watched some of the commentary and the chicken was 1.) Yes, a real chicken and 2.) It was already dead, it had died naturally and 3.) The "process" was the product of the film maker's imaginations, but I imagine it's not far off.

Can likely be seen on sci-fi channel (don't watch it there, I beg you.) Available to rent.

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