Wednesday, December 6

Blog Posts I Won't Read

So my most recent Sunday Confessions post brought out a fair amount of "OMG, my feed has 8,000,000 unread posts in it and reading all those would be a wormhole into an internet black hole."

Now, I follow a lot of blogs.
But I only truly read a handful.
Some blogs I follow only because they occasionally have a good post.

So here's a list of posts that I immediately mark as read without even looking at them:

How to Make Your Blog ______.:
Skip. I used to read these and then I felt bad that my blog wasn't "visually appealing" enough. Things I see repeated:
- A "good" blog only has two columns, never three.
- A "good" blog is black and white for streamlined reading.
- A "good" blog posts pictures with every post.
- A "good" blog has giveaways, contests, and other things that up follower numbers.
- A "good" blog does not have curse words. (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA)
- A "good" blog doesn't have too much text. (Because of TLDR.)
And so the list goes on.

Now, make no mistake: several of the blogs I read happen to fall into one or more of these categories. But I think it's because that layout works for them, not to make their blog more visually appealing to the masses.
And obviously some things are common sense: if your font is tiny, pale pink, or a long block of text that is centered, that's going to create reading problems in the most basic, physical sense. But the above stuff I genuinely believe is just another way of telling women to conform and be what popular media says they should be in order to be "successful."
(Seriously, for me, "successful" is the fact that there are about five people who read this blog on regular basis. [Also, these people are the coolest people in the world.])

All The Beer:
Okay, I enjoy a good drink recipe, a good post about a night out or a night in, whatever. If the title is anything like My Drunken Adventures" or "Six Microbrews You Must Try!" or "The Best Five (insert state name here) Brews.
Skip. Don't care. (Exceptions: blogs I already read and follow on a regular basis. Heather, for example, has good shares on liquors that are fun to try.)

I cannot express how much I don't care about your coffee maker. You're probably the coolest person alive, but I do not care about how you make your coffee in the AM.
Also? Keurig's are wicked wasteful and pretty bad for the environment in terms of said waste.

Whole 30:
Oh, fuck no. Whole 30 makes me sad.

Bored GIF

What blog posts do you guys skip?


  1. Before my list, there are always exceptions for the main blogs I will read anything they post (ie, you,steph, jess), ha, just wanted to put that out there...

    Ok: anything I am not interested in: Starbucks, Harry Potter, Bachelor, wedding trends, almost all fashion blogs.

    Things I will most likely read despite how stupid it is: any zodiac lists. like, best travel destination based on your zodiac, best Christmas gift, best sex position... yeah. I DON'T KNOW WHY. THEY ARE SO STUPID.

    1. also, thanks for the shout out!

    2. HA HA HA HA HA - It's true! Maybe you should do a blog posts you won't read post. Maybe I should do a part 2?
      Honestly, I am the same: I will read (and enjoy) anything you, Jess, Steph post. Like, I'm not into fashion, but when you post about it, it's actually interesting. When Steph posts about new sweaters or something, I genuinely enjoy it. But basically, our lists are the same of what we will and will not read. : )


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