Saturday, December 15

Mickey's Christmas Carol

The opening song gets me every time.

Scrooge McDuck in his element.

Warnings from Marley.

The Ghost of Christmas Past - appropriately, Jiminy Cricket, a.k.a, Conscience.

The Ghost of Christmas Present - more lighthearted, but also pretty snarky.

This part always scared me as a kid.

He's alive!

He can't go out in his pajamas! Ah, the cane.  That's better.

Happily ever after.

Originally released in 1983, this movie was a staple of my childhood.  Between my love of reading and my fascination with this 26 minute movie, my parents knew giving me this book would be a perfect Christmas gift.  (Which is was; I read this book to death.)
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This little movie is one of my absolute holiday favorites.  It's wonderful for kids and adults seem to like it, too.  An excellent choice to sit down and watch with a bowl of popcorn after a crazy day, or something nice and classic to have on for the kids or in the background while making dinner.  I really love this movie.  I hope you will enjoy it, too.

- All screen stills were taken by me from my own copy of this movie.-

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  1. I will forever love this movie. So many childhood memories of watching this with my grandparents!


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