Monday, December 16

Christmas Memories (2)

So here's the type of nerds we are: our first Christmas together, I saw this plastic ornament of two teddy bears dressed like characters in a Dickins novel ice skating on a vaguely heart-shaped pond and I thought how fun; I'll write a little note on the bottom and our names and the year of our first Christmas and it'll be a cute little funny sentimental thing.

Yeah.  So I put it into a little box and stuck it under our tree.
And then when we went to get into our stockings, I pulled out the exact same ornament - that he had bought and thought "what a cute funny little thing I'll write a note on the bottom and the year of our first Christmas together."
So yeah.


  1. Oh my gosh! This is amazing! Love it!!!

  2. Ha, this is straight out of a nineties sitcom :)

  3. How completely romantic!!! (This is making me want to kick my boyfriend).
    PS- pretty song. :)


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