Sunday, January 12

Choices & Consequences: Garfield Knows What's Up

 How I often feel after eating:

Um....cocoa puffs are not a healthy breakfast and a candy bar & soda doesn't count as lunch.

How I generally feel in the mornings/without coffee/when I get too hungry.

And how I feel about the scale & mirror.

So...generally...poor choices have left me looking and feeling like total crap.
Time for some new choices.


  1. 1000% yes to new choices! :) you can do it!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm learning not to beat myself up so badly about slipping off whatever wagon I'm on. I hold myself to impossibly high standards and if I slip up even a little, I think, "What's the point?" and I stop trying. So let's not stop trying!!! Let's stop beating ourselves up!! We're worth it to keep trying, and we're human and are going to slip up!!! So let's not give up, okay?


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