Monday, February 10

Tax Season Questions

Recent questions I've been asked at work:

"What are W-2's?"

"So, how do I file taxes?'

"Um, what does that mean?"
(I asked someone to pick up the random detritus on the floor.)

"So like, you're saying companies charge you to do taxes for you? So like, you have to pay even after paying?"

God help me, the kids on my team make my day sometimes.


  1. Haha oh, tax season. We paid for an accountant last year, she found us a lot of extra money but we'll probably end up doing it ourselves. I certainly preferred tax season back when we got refunds...

  2. i wonder how some people even function in life.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. good luck with tax season!

  4. Ha! I'm sure those get real old real fast!

  5. I'm hoping these are questions asked by very young, new to the work force people!!!

    I think high school should have a mandatory class your senior year that covers basic things that you will face as an adult: taxes, W2's, renting an apartment, buying a car, opening a checking account... not everyone has parents that teach them or are intuitive on their own to figure it out.


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