Wednesday, February 5

Two Conversations About Music and a Side Note

A song comes on at work.
Two younger cashiers are discussing who sings the song, one of them had forgotten and then was all "Oh yeah, I knew that, duh." 
The second was "Of course it's Colbie Caillat - who doesn't know this is Colbie Caillat?"
Me: I didn't. 
Second Cashier: Seriously?  How could you not?
Me: Are you familiar with Matchbox Twenty?
Second Cashier: Um, I don't listen to old music. 
Me: Well I don't listen to new music. 
(Not true, but I think I made my point.) 

A different conversation, featuring the first cashier from the above conversation: 
A song comes on, cashier says he loves likes that song, but likes the version Demi Lovato does better, because Demi Lovato is soooo great.  And he mentions how he listened to "Say Something" for like, four hours straight last night....personal stuff.  
Me: Ah, yes, we had a song like that when I was younger.  It was called "November Rain."
Cashier: .........?
Me: Guns N' Roses.
Cashier: .....I think I might've heard of them once. 

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Side Note: 
You guys gave amazing an amazing response to my last post and I appreciate all the comments.  I will definitely continue to be work on being a little more open and trying to be a little braver & bolder. 


  1. "he mentions how he listened to "Say Something" for like, four hours straight last night....personal stuff." Haha, this made me laugh. :)

    Also, how could they not know about November Rain?! Ugh. Aaron works at a high school and some of them don't know who The Beatles are. It's kind of sad.

  2. Haha oh Colbie Callait or however the fuck it's spelled. All her songs sound the same to me.

  3. Oh the youth of today. It's crazy how so many of the songs I loved are by bands who are no longer popular. I really hope it isn't a sign that I am officially old. O_o

  4. Hahaha.... I hate closed minds when it comes to music. To me, if it sounds good I listen. Those cashiers seem so very young and closed off. Btw... Love November Rain!! Slightly self indulgent but I don't care. I used to want the wedding dress in it too hahah!!
    M xx

  5. Oh November Rain... I listened to that song sooo much. And I remember Match Box 20 and still love them.

    great post, makes me feel a little old and I understand my parents a bit more and loving it. Cheers to getting a bit older and not knowing what music these crazy youngins listen to these days!

  6. I couldn't handle that... Like... No. True story- Rob Thomas is from where I live, before Matchbox 20 he had a band called Tabitha's Secret that played locally. My ex husband used to manage a very popular pub downtown- the night they played my ex pulled the plug on them (think it was more of a personal issue then sound).

    (Demi Lovato wtf???)

  7. Wait? A dude was listening to Demi Levato for like 4 hours straight?!? WTF?


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