Tuesday, June 17

Workplace Safety Isn't Funny - It's Hilarious

So you know how I work at a thrift store, right? Well, it's pretty high volume, and we have several locations, and the location I work at happens to be the central flagship store for our district. 

There happened a time when a delivery truck driver randomly showed up at like, 8 o'clock at night and no one was there who was certified on the hi-lo or the walker-stacker. So we sent him away with instructions to come back tomorrow. 
So they decided that damn near everybody and their mother has to be certified to do at least one or the other.  
Which is where this post comes in. 
I did the first part of my training yesterday, which was to watch the 3-part training video on industrial trucks and equipment.  This is part one, which is meant to get your attention and make you pay attention to part two, which is longer, still has a lot of accidents, but is much less graphic. In fact, the part two video even says "non-graphic" version.  
But part one? It's like the best B-horror movie ever. I'm so glad I found it on youtube! Enjoy! 

(I think the guy with the nail in his eye around 1:02 is my favorite.) 


  1. I didn't know you worked in a thrift store! When I worked at Safeway we had to watch a SUUUPER hilarious sexual harassment video and do a multiple choice quiz about it afterwards.

  2. Wow.....so many thoughts, lol! You watched this at work, you say....so you had to keep a straight face while this was playing?!?.....not sure I could've not laughed during this....crazy graphic, though (the ring finger one kinda freaked me out - yikes!)...and who knew 1998 could look so dated!


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