Sunday, December 14

Silly Holiday Movies

Confession: I like holiday movies. I also enjoy made-for-TV holiday movies. Although not the Hallmark kind, where there are constantly crippled bunnies and children dying and towns without Christmas because the factory closed down. (Seriously, the holidays can be depressing enough, we don't need any more help, Hallmark Channel.) So what to watch while you're wrapping presents and keep losing track of the scissors and trying to avoid getting popcorn butter fingers on the paper? Enjoy some awesomely cheesy feel-good ABC Family original holiday movies, of course! Here are a few I enjoy:

The fun story of a Brooklyn woman who is unsatisfied with her life - especially at Christmas. Will Angela discover her true perfect Christmas? (Spoiler: obviously. It's an ABC Family Original.)

* * * 

12 Dates of Christmas
Kate is still hung up on her ex and also she's kind of a bitch. Can living Christmas Eve Groundhoug Day style teach Kate anything? (Spoiler: again - it's ABC Family. Of COURSE it has a happy ending. Duh.) 

* * * 

Holiday in Handcuffs
Trudie is a constant disappointment to her parents. One day she snaps - but is she the only one going through a life crisis?  Despite the unfortunate casting choice of Mario Lopez (seriously, so many better choices could have been made!) - it is a fun little movie. It does drag a bit in the middle, but other than that, it's got some good laughs.

* * *

Christmas Cupid

(Yet another) new twist on "A Christmas Carol," Christmas Cupid follows Sloane, a girl who excels at trading up and cares only about getting ahead. So, when a client bites it, she is visited by 3 boyfriends (past, present, future) to show her that constantly putting yourself first means you just might end up alone. Yeah, it's cheesetastic. Extra cheesy. Yet still, so much ridiculous fun.

(All of these are currently available for streaming on netflix.)

Monday, December 8

Menses Survival Kit

1.) Heating pad for all my backache and cramping needs.

2.) Ice pack for the ongoing migraines and accompanying neck aches.

3.) I have come to prefer Pamprin over Midol. Both make me feel druggy, but Pamprin does a better job of actually doing its job.
(Also note: menstrual supplies are one of the few things I refuse to buy generic. I do not fuck around with that stuff. ONCE, I tried generic Pamprin to save money, and it didn't do crap.)

4.) Water. I am not a person who drinks a lot of water by nature. I don't drink much of anything by nature. I like milk. I once saw on an episode of Man vs. Wild where Bear said something about our brains need 1 Liter of water every single day just to function and technically we should have at least two Liters/day.  (It was a desert island episode, but I can't remember which one.) I can promise you that unless I am consciously thinking about it, there is no way I drink 1 Liter of water a day. Not even. All around, I believe this is a major contributor to the fact that I generally feel poorly. So I'm making an effort. I'm always making an effort. But PMS has a way of reminding me that I'm thirsty and need water.

Other needs: 
- Chocolate
- A shit-ton of sleep. I swear, I don't know why PMS is so exhausting, but for about a week, I feel like I need to sleep 23 hours/day and eat everything in sight for the other hour.
- Protein. I often crave things like bacon cheeseburgers or other red meat.
- Girly things. By that I mean - whatever the hell I am in the mood for, ok?