Friday, June 5

Stuff That Should Exist

Things that Should Exist in the World:
  1. Ice cream that is nutritious. 
  2. Hot fudge sundaes that burn calories.
  3. Cars that will not work if the driver is using their cell phone. 
  4. Cable TV that is pay-by-channel, wherein you pick and choose only the channels you want, and each one is say, $2-$3/month.
  5. Viewing choice. This would be for networks that air sporting events or other special things, like the olympics. So, for example, when a football game is on, if you are someone who doesn't want to watch football, you can choose to watch the regularly scheduled programming. 
  6. A facebook filter where you can say: I still want to follow this person and see their posts, unless it has something to do with ____, in which case, I don't want to see it. Say you love your best friend but her constant posts about how much she's exercising drives you nuts: you want to filter out JUST THOSE posts, not all of them.
  7. A way to collect animal farts and use them to run cars.
  8. An instant sweat remover. I know, I know - shower, fan, etc. But like, if you bike to work and then want to get the sweat from the ride off before punching in. I feel like more people would ride or walk to work if this existed.
  9. Custom shoes for everyone: pick your shoe and be able to adjust the height, width, length, according to your own foot for perfect comfort every time.
  10. Permanent Plucking - Pluck a hair and it's gone - forever. Or like, at least a year or something. I know electrolysis is a thing. This is different. This is permanent plucking, something you can do in your bathroom with just a special pair of tweezers.
What do you think the world should have? 

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