Thursday, August 27

The Shrug List

Earlier, I did a Hiss List of things I actively dislike, stating that it was not to be confused with stuff I just don't care about and can't really bring myself to be excited over. So here's my "eh, whatever," list.

Becky's Shrug List:

The Beatles
Minions - Minions Everywhere
The Academy Awards
The Whole 30 Diet
St. Patrick's Day
Craft Beers
Mason Jar Crafts
The Olympics
Tanning Beds

Sunday, August 23

Sunday Confessions 8-23-15

The United States of Becky

I Confess: I am not a patient person. I have several different balls in the air right now and I want results now. I don't want to share too much because I am afraid of jinxing anything, but when things start rolling, I will blog about them.

I Confess: I kinda need some more interesting and fun blogs to read, if anybody has some suggestions. I don't like anything that's too niche. I won't follow blogs that are just about fashion, just about mothering, just about blog design and "building an audience", I won't follow blogs that are just recipes, etc. I like a collection of different things.

I Confess: My therapist has me doing a food journal. Not measuring or anything, - which has been extremely liberating - just noting time and what I eat and how I'm feeling physically and/or emotionally. It has been enlightening. So far I have learned two things:
1.) I do not feel good after eating ice cream. I think I am going to have to lay off of it for quite some time and eventually only eat it in small doses on rare occasions. Virtually every time I eat ice cream, I end up feeling really shitty and bloated and gassy and heartburny afterward.
2.) I think I may have to stop eating chips and dip. Or chips. Those are a food that when I'm eating, I kinda feel out of control and before I know it, I've eaten way more than I ever intended. They are definitely a negative-after-effects food for me.

I Confess: I started watching Gilmore Girls several months ago and kinda lost interest after 7 episodes. Now I'm starting back up again and I'm on the fence on whether it's going to suck me in or it's going to end up on the Shrug List. (Upcoming post right there.) 

Tuesday, August 18

Books I Couldn't Finish

The library is the best thing around.
You discover hidden gems you might not have otherwise.
And you don't feel bad when you get a book and it sucks or it's just not your cup o' tea, because - free rental.
I am always checking books out, even when I vow not to do so and to instead work on the unread books at home.
Here are three books I was unable to get into for one reason or another.
But I seriously think some of you guys out there might enjoy some of these, so maybe check 'em out.

1.) The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory by Stacy Wakefield

It just didn't capture my attention. It looked interesting, but as I started reading I found myself with the attitude "don't care."

2.) Eating Chinese Food Naked by Mei Ng

From as far as I read, this was a rich, well-written book. I was liking it. In fact, I plan to return to it one day. For now though, I wasn't emotionally able to get very far: the book deals heavily with mother/daughter relationships, heritage, food, sex, love, the line between adult and child, etc. Basically, if you have a loaded and/or confusing relationship with your mom, this book might be for you - and it might be hard to read, depending.

3.) How Did You Get this Number by Sloane Crosley

I had read Crosley's earlier work, I Was Told There'd be Cake and while I didn't fall in love, it had enjoyable tidbits.
It is problematically put in humor, where there is nothing funny about the tales. The stories feel pretentious and impersonal. There is nothing messy, internal, or reflective. It all smacks of "look how cool I am, I'm part of the hip New York better-than-thou because I went to Lisbon instead of the Bahamas for my vacation." I didn't dig it at all. But someone else might.

Sunday, August 16

Sunday Confessions 8-16-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: I am spending the weekend indoors with the blinds shut and the air conditioning on, drinking iced coffee and watching movies checked out of the library. 
Check out my movie reviews to see what's new in a few days. 

I confess: Since I posted my Hiss List post, I've already thought of a bunch more things that I'm wondering how I left them off. I may have to do another one in the future.

I confess: I have started tackling the (not insubstantial) task of going back through my blog from the very first post up to current and double checking all my links, videos, gifs, labels, and such. I am also removing some of the old ones from when I first started back in 2011, because they are no longer relevant, and I am generally polishing and dusting the whole thing off. - The confession part is I am really enjoying it and having fun with the clean-up. (When I am done, I will likely put the link within widget back in.) 

Finally, I confess: I am a creature of habit. When I do housecleaning, I generally listen to the same music over and over again. Instead of bouncing around on my mp3, it just recently occurred to me to do a "housecleaning playlist" and put that on there. (It's all peppy pop or rock music. Foo Fighters, Chili Peppers, Sugarcult, The Killers - stuff you can move to.) 

Sunday, August 9

Sunday Confessions 8-9-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: I have been super lazy this week, my motivation to do anything has been all but nonexistent. Primarily because my anxious level has been cranked up all week so mostly I've been battling inside myself. But still. I feel guilty about not getting more accomplished.

I confess: I got Shawn hooked on Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and we've been watching that quite a bit. That's not the confession bit. The confession part is that halfway through season 2, and I really want Phryne to stop sleeping around because it almost seems like she's being disloyal to Jack. Which is a pretty unfeminist viewpoint, but there you have it.

I confess: Only just this week I discovered the concept of spearmint tea and decided to try it and now I'm obsessed with it. I am drinking it all the time. It's my new most favorite drink. It goes with (almost) everything. I love it hot, I love it cold. I love it mild, I love it bold. (A bit of rhyme for your Sunday.)

Tuesday, August 4

We Had a Storm

This was a pretty special and exceptionally strong storm for Northern Michigan: you see, yes, we have the cold winters, and we get a shit ton of lake effect snow (both holding true more so for those of us directly on the bay) - but that's generally about it.
Because we are surrounded by The Great Lakes, Michigan tends to have very unpredictable, but also not super intense, weather. The Lakes protect us (generally) from tornadoes and hurricanes and such because - science.
So this storm was something beyond for our area.

All these images link to news sites on facebook. I didn't take any of them, don't own any of them, and I did not alter them in any way at all. 

image source

left image
right image

image source

image source

These two my stepmom took.
My stepbrother surveys the damage to his house and backyard.

A silver maple that has been in my dad's back yard since I was a child.

My shitty video of wind and rain when the storm was just starting to come in:

Monday, August 3

My Name is Becky and I am a Hater (aka The Hiss List)

Let's be honest:
We're all haters.

There seems to be this whole "haters gonna hate" brush-off attitude if someone doesn't like something that is otherwise generally popular. Of course some people are just malcontents who hate everything without reason. But most of us are just humans who have opinions.

It's become like expressing a negative opinion is grounds for immediate dismissal because clearly by disliking something, you are in the wrong.
"I don't like John Mayer."
"What? How can you say that?"
"I think he's stupid and overrated."
Eye roll.  "Whatever. Haters gonna hate."
"Um, yes, yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. I'm saying I hate X."

whatever animated GIF

It's perfectly normal and wonderful to hate things. (Yes, in the world of personal self-confidence, you have to be able to like Amber and just say "whatever" and try to shake that shit off. I'm talking about pop-culture, here.)

Sometimes people are just jumping on the bandwagon "What? I think owls and unicorns are awesome, too!" And some people genuinely like the thing.
I still love grumpy cat. It's cool if people are over it or think it's dumb. I'm not gonna be all "haters gonna hate" about it. Because some people will like it and some won't. That is okay and great.

So here's a list of some things and people that are generally popular or well-liked and I just - hate. (Not to be confused with things I don't necessarily hate, but just can't bring myself to care about; that is a whole different list.) 

Becky's Hiss List:
cat animated GIF

Taylor Swift
John Mayer
The VMA's
Actually, All Awards Shows
Bradley Cooper
Reality TV
Yes, ALL reality TV
Duck Dynasty
Seth Rogen
Louis C.K.
Lewis Black
The Patriots, Tom Brady, & Bill Belichick
LeBron James
Too Much Lavender

Saturday, August 1

Sunday Confessions 8-2-15

United States of Becky

I confess: Whenever I hear "Dirty", I still get the urge to jump around and dance like a crazy person. It is a fantastic song for working out.

I confess: I had a panic attack earlier this week. There is a whole production scene going on in my home right now...I don't want to talk about it too much because I'm afraid of jinxing something, but basically it involves two different family portions moving and it's all up in the air and I am wigging out like a crazy person.

I confess: Apparently some part of believes in the possibility of jinxing things. When I mentioned this whole idea to my therapist and said I "didn't want to jinx it" she did give me a look that said "Yeah, you're nuts." I didn't mind though. It's not like I didn't know.

I confess: I don't know too much about computers and programming and all the tech stuff. So when the google notice came up about the European Union and how it's the job of every blogger to make sure our sites give a cookies warning, I was pretty confused about all of it. I did a bunch of different things to try to figure it out and followed the help section which was not very helpful. At the bottom, where they ask "was this helpful?" I sent back a snarky "Um, NO! - Be more clear about who needs to do what based on their country and the type of url they have and what is or isn't on their blog." Sorry Google, I know there's a lot of countries and a lot of different blog hosting sites and a lot of different things, but you know what? There are A LOT of google employees who could put this shit together, too.

What are your confessions this week?