Thursday, September 3

Life Right Now

I know I missed Sunday Confessions and I know I haven't been on in several days, maybe about a week. I know there is at least one email in my inbox that I have yet to read (Heather).

So here's what's what.
At about 2:30 Sunday morning (Saturday into Sunday) my mother-in-law was taken to the hospital in an ambulance due to having a massive heart attack. Her heart isn't exactly healthy in the first place. The cardiologist didn't think she was going to survive.
Well, she did, and she should be going home in a day or so.
But it was a rough several days, and that is a big part of why I haven't been online.

The second reason is that I done got a job. That's right - I'm back to working. So between one thing and another, it has been a crazy week.

Allow me to say: I am SO over the humidity, and I have no idea why my Joey shrugging gif is suddenly broken.

The other thing has been that we have been apartment hunting and there was one that we particularly wanted. Well, also this week we got our final approval on that and met with the agent person to find out what our deposit amounts are going to be. We were kind of in limbo there for a while and it was super annoying. Also with the job thing. I was afraid to talk about either in case of jinx. But things are good right now. We move to our new apartment in mid-November - tentatively on the 11th. (I will definitely cover that when the time comes.)

In the meantime, things are settling down for now and I can't wait to get caught up with everything.

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