Sunday, May 8

Sunday Confessions 5-8-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: I roll my eyes on instagram a lot when I see anything related to squats. Because I'm sure they are God's gift to fitness, but there is such a thing as life beyond squats.

Ok, I just found this hilarious.

I confess: Same goes for: (Monday groan; Wednesday humpday; Friday yay and so on) because everyone in my life - family, friends, etc. works weekends. Restaurants, pharmacies, airports, retail, over-the-phone-computer-tech-help, factories, farming, home damage repair techs {like if your roof collapses, your basement floods, a tree falls on your porch, etc., which happens A LOT}, nursing, the list goes on....someone in my family or social circle works in every single one of these jobs and every single one of them requires weekend AND holiday hours. So, yeah. It jangles my nerves. 

new high school study bullying bullies

NOTE: Incidentally, this does not actually apply to the bloggers I follow and who follow me regularly (you know who you are) because you don't really complain about Mondays or celebrate Fridays or anything like that. And if you do, it's once in a great while, and that would be perfectly acceptable. 

I confess: Yes, I am adding books to my goodreads profile that I have read before. But only ones I have read more than once.
Updates: That's not true. Lies. The ones I love I read more than once, which is what I meant but didn't write because my brain was not fully awake when I wrote this.

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