Saturday, August 20

Film Friday: Zombeavers


I've actually watched Zombeavers twice. (Yes, it's true.) Once by myself and once with my siblings. I can honestly say it's fine alone, but much more enjoyable watching it with a group, provided the group has a certain sense of humor.

As you can see, the plot is the typical teenagers, woods, sex, blood, running, dying.
The effects are awesomely lame, the dialogue is silly and intended to be so, but it's delivered with such a straight face that these super cheese lines work in exactly the way they're supposed to. 
This is clearly not a movie to be searching for "that doesn't make sense, how did the beaver get there?" issues with. Because if that's your problem, this isn't the movie for you. 
(Honestly, my biggest thing was why on earth would anyone swim in that gross-ass lake? That was the suspension of disbelief problem I had, rather than flesh eating beavers.) 

It's good for laughs, it's silly. It's certainly not the best B movie on the market or the most clever or well done zombie off-shoot I've seen, but it's enjoyable, and if you've got a group, or even just a couple people and a couple of drinks, the escapism factor is well worth it. Just spend 80 minutes in a world with stupid college kids and forget about work and bills and car troubles and all that and focus on the zombeavers for a bit. 


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