Monday, August 22

Autumn Goals

I am SO NOT GOOD at setting goals for one month. Like, need to get this all done in September. But I can for sure give myself a season, or a quarter, and get stuff done.

I have lots - lots - lots of ideas for posts and I'm sure more will develop. I'm working on being more active with my posts and following up on reading & commenting more regularly. Also, I'm working on being more organized, i.e., I'm making lists of posts I want to do so I won't forget, and also working on getting them started and maybe even scheduling things and such.

I need more blogs to read. I am actively on the hunt for more interesting blogs to read.

I've been having thoughts. Writer thoughts. Writer's block is a real thing, guys. And that advice about "just writing anyway" can sometimes make things worse. I mean, obviously you have to keep writing. But too much forcing it is....not a good situation - like exercise. Keep at it even when you don't want a point.
writing working typing kermit kermit the frog

I've been sorting through the google play store (android user here) and experimenting with all different kinds of guided meditation/relaxation/breathing/sleep well/anti-anxiety apps. Some are better than others. Some, obviously are only for bed time, when my brain will.not.shut.up. But I'd like to find something well-rounded for the middle of the day.

Yeah. Like a basic white girl, I can't even. So many random files named just by the date uploaded and not sorted and tons of duplicates and multiple stages of editing where I messed something up but didn't delete the messed up one.... I recently deleted 2800 items in my recycle bin. And I've only hit the tip of the iceberg.

Time to back everything up again and also FORCE Shawn to do his, too, no matter how "annoying and time-consuming" it is.

His back has been bothering him.

This one is iffy. I'd really like to see the sleep specialist and hit the clinic, get a C-PAP so I can sleep better. I don't doubt it would improve my quality of life. Because sleep apnea sucks HARD, yo.
And a LOT of people with sleep apnea can tell you the lack of oxygen/lack of deep sleep creates this horrible chain reaction of exhaustion and sore muscles and foggy brain and it basically makes life suck all the time.) It makes you appreciate air. The only problem is the nearest sleep specialist & clinic that takes my insurance is an hour drive away. (If they still take it. The next one would be a 2/3 hour drive.) It's A LOT of driving. I'm leaning toward going, but nothing is definite yet.

Do you have goals for this autumn season or any of the upcoming months?

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