Friday, August 26

Film Friday: Fed Up


This movie was pretty damn good, I gotta say. Amazing, actually, especially for a movie telling me stuff I (mostly) didn't already (kind of) know.
Sugar is addictive. I know this. The government is as good as run by corporations. The machine is fueled by money and people with lots of money want to keep it that way and will do whatever they can to do so, and they do not care about you. They care about their bank account.
This is also not news.

However, this movie does do the single best job of explaining how sugar overload & insulin resistance work than any single other source I've ever seen. Also, I have to admit: I honestly didn't realize that excessive sugar consumption interfered with the body's ability to know how to recognize fullness. Never actually knew that. (Future post coming someday.)

I think the film did a good job of presenting a lot of things, and making its point.
I think it could have done better with some other things.
The stories of the teens who were in the movie: I would like to have known if they were given any new information about their diets. Did the producers just go ahead and let them continue to eat the crap they'd been eating or were they given education on diet? That would've been nice to know.

I think they could have explained their theories behind why energy balance, i.e., calories in/calories out is not the sole solution. They state it, and they seem to back it up, but they don't back it up well enough. (Note: I already knew {believed, whatever you call it} this, but for a documentary film, they should have had further explanation on that.

All around I think it's at the very least a good movie to hopefully get people's attention. It's a START. So much was left out, but then again, only so much can be addressed in the time allotted. What I think is this movie is a good wake-up call. And I think there are some good ideas presented.


This book is a good one for further examination of diet and calories in/calories out culture and how the body reacts to sugar. It is dry at times, it is emotional at times. It is fascinating at times. The studies it shares of the effects of a low calorie diet (from all food sources) has on a person, the effects sugar has on a rat, the effects of a low fat, low calorie but carb heavy diet on a discusses all these things. At times it is depressing. The conclusion is depressing. But if you have interest in this topic, I highly recommend reading this.

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