Wednesday, November 16

Sunday Confessions November 12, 2016

So get this guys. In an effort to be more on top of my blogging, I put the blogger app on my phone and THOUGHT I posted this post on time. But then apparently I didn't? So I'm still working out the kinks. D'oh!
So since it's now WEDNESDAY, I just took out the link-up button, but here are the confessions. :) 
Please enjoy, like a next-day Thanksgiving sandwich.

I confess: Guys, I am STOKED. The Schmuckersons are FINALLY on their way out. No more games, no more delay tactics. The countdown is in progress. The 19th, guys. This is as close as I can get to expressing how truly thrilled I am to see those fuckers go:

I confess: The day after the election I was really depressed. Not just because of the Presidential race but because of state, county, and city results. I was depressed by human behavior on both sides of the line, I was depressed for the future of America and humanity. So we bought Jingle All the Way and watched it while eating ice cream to take our mind off of everything for a couple hours.
PS - It worked. And I don't care how stupid Jingle is (it's really stupid) - watching Phil Hartman as a creeper is hilarious.

I make this same face when I eat pizza.

I confess: I haven't even been trying to lose weight or eat healthy. I need to, I'm not proud of it, I have no excuses. I can't be like "well, I've been on the road for 50 weeks . . . ." Nope. No excuses. Just lazy and I cave very easily to my temptations. Feel like ice cream? Yes. Let's.

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