Monday, September 30

Unsolicited Customer Commentary

So check this:
The other day at work, one of my first customers was some random guy, probably in his thirties or so. I greeted him and he responded with "Must've been a pretty rough night of partying, huh?"
And I'm confused, because no, actually I had gone to bed a reasonable hour, I'd had plenty of coffee and I felt good.  Then he elaborated something about the dark circles under my eyes and my hair not being "done." 
So I replied the only way I knew how by saying "You would think so, but no."
I didn't go into the fact that the dark circles are just kind of a genetic thing and that I've never been one to spend half an hour doing my hair in the morning.
So then he remarked that I must really like stars (referring to my tattoos) and I said yes, I really did.  At which point he offered this nugget:
"Just don't get too many - you don't want to be one of those girls."
I just stared at him.
"You know," he continued, "You don't want to get too much done, you don't want to send the wrong signals."

Well, apparently I'm too late because I'm already sending the wrong signals if I gave the impression I was interested in his opinion.  
So that was entertaining.

Thursday, September 26

You Never Know the Other Girl's Story

Several years ago, there was this girl I didn't like.  Why didn't I like her?  Well, mainly because she had everything I wanted.  She was thin, crazy-pretty but not over-done.  The kind of girl who could make you jealous just by wearing jeans and a tee shirt not by the brand or the color but by how her clothes fit her, the way she carried herself.  

She was liked by nearly everyone -except me, because I was crazy jealous and intimidated by her and the ease of which she seemed to maintain her slender figure and the confidence she seemed to have and the fact that...well, let's be honest...she had everything going for her: thin, pretty, confident, at ease with both flirting with guys and making friends with girls. 

Most days I would wind up feeling like a dumb, frumpy troll around her.

Don't get me wrong.  We were nice enough to each other.  But there it is. 

Fast forward several years.  We randomly bump into each other.  We're both married, she's had children, I'm still struggling to conceive and haven't yet learned that I can't.  We've both moved on to different worlds. In that way that people do, we both say "Oh we should have coffee sometime!" without really meaning it. But when we part ways after our brief encounter, I tell Shawn how my God, I actually genuinely enjoyed talking with her! And she seemed sincere, too!  
What the hell?

So we found each other on facebook and started talking and I got to know her more. And I mentioned that when we first worked together, I thought she had the world wrapped around her finger and had everything figured out and was a little tornado of confidence.
And when she responded, it was with shock and laughter.  
Because she was like "Dude, are you kidding me?  I was intimidated by YOU.  You were so super smart and witty and I thought YOU had everything figured out."

Turns out, neither of us has everything figured out. 
But years later, though we're at different points in our life and fitness journey, we both need encouragement and support and friendship and positive vibes in our lives. So we may be at different points, but we still need a lot of the same things.
So there's that. 

Sunday, September 8

This Conversation Happened:

As Shawn reports on the score of Patriots-Bills game:

MICK: I hate the Patriots.
ME: I hate Tom Brady.
SHAWN: I don't hate Tom Brady.  I hate Bill Belichick.
ME: Oh yeah, I hate that asshole.
MICK: I hate the Patriots.
SHAWN: I do think that Brady has become a...whaddya call it?...metrosexual pretty boy since he hooked up with Gisele.
MICK: He married a gazelle?
ME: Gisele Bundchen, the model.
MICK: Gisele, gazelle - same thing.  Still don't know who she is.