Thursday, January 21

Exercise Playlist

There are two major ways I exercise:
I will follow along to an exercise dvd but wear my headphones and crank fun poppy music if I am feeling high energy. Alternatively, I will put on the netflix and kind of free-form my own routine based on the moves from the dvd.

I really enjoy the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home dvds, but after a couple viewings with the sound on, the audio gets super annoying, which is why I listen to upbeat high-energy music instead. Also, it makes time feel like it's going faster.

No matter what I do, I do monitor my heart rate and pay attention to my breathing and fatigue level to make sure I'm being challenged but not working myself to a point where I'm going to collapse after and not want to exercise for days.

Here is a sample of the songs on my "Exercise Playlist," but this is nowhere near a complete list. (Gotta change it up, rotate songs, etc.) But these are ones that are generally in heavy rotation when I'm working up a sweat.
(PS - Not all of these are "good" songs, but they are good for getting pumped up. Also, I deliberately left out all the 80's hair metal songs because we all know which of those make a good exercise track. Or not.)
(Click on the song to go to the video.)

What do you guys do for exercise? What do you listen to? Where is your favorite place to be when you get sweaty?

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