Sunday, January 10

Sunday Confessions 1-10-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: Oops! I completely blanked on the fact that it was Sunday until about 30 seconds ago. 

I confess: I'm in S5 of Gilmore Girls and I wanted to find out who Rory ends up with at the end of the show, so I read a summary on Wikipedia and now I'm kind of eye-rolling about the show even MORE, now that I know Rory is going to apparently turn into a hateful little shit. 

I confess: And what the hell is with every guy she dates being all crazy in-love with her and she's the most special and amazing girl ever? Has no guy ever just been "I had a crush on you 'cuz you're cute but now that we go out you are so not my type, so see ya."?

I confess: I thought I would go outside for a walk today and forgot about the gale warning and my "walk" lasted maybe all of five minutes. Back inside and time for tea for this weather wimp. <

I confess: Frozen pizza for dinner tonight. 

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