Monday, March 28

Instagram Loses Its Shit - Again

So by now everyone is aware of the new changes happening to Instagram, right? I know I woke up this morning and found a feed full of
"Turn on notifications!"
"You might never ever see my posts again if you don't turn on notifications!"
"The world is terrible and turn on notifications!"
Everyone seemed to be losing their shit over the most recent changes.

scared screaming scream

So I did what I do and I googled it, to see what the big hoopla was all about.

Evidently Instagram now has the option where you can go to someone's profile and turn on notifications for every time they post so you never ever miss a single drop of instagram genius that Promo McFollowme shares. 
In the case of people whose accounts you love but they don't post very often - freaking yay! Awesome.
In everyone else's case - who gives a crap?

Except of course, this change also comes with the second part, which is that the formula has changed so Instagram is no longer in chronological order, but in order of popularity/what it thinks you'll be most interested in based on your insta-behavior. 
Dick move.

It really is a dick move. It reinforces the whole stupid crap of promoting the popular and the little guys get shoved to the bottom of the pile. 
Apparently they're all: the average person misses out on 70% of their social media feed! 
Hark! The Four Horsemen are coming if you don't see every single thing! have a confession...I don't really follow too many people on instagram. 165 right now. I don't believe in F4F, L4L, etc. I DO check out the profiles of people who like/comment/follow me. Because maybe they are cool? 
But...I don't know. I scroll through a few times a day and almost every time, I find quickly make my way back down to the last posts I saw where I left off. Many of the people I follow don't post multiple times a day, or every day even. So it's not a thing for me.
But then, I'm not following thousands of people. 
So my question is: WHY? I'm not trying to be a schmuck, I'm honestly curious: why would anyone follow so many accounts they just can't possibly keep up? 
If I follow an account, I honest-to-goodness WANT to see what they share. I'm not going to follow any account unless I am actively interested in it/the person behind it.
I understand that I am in the minority on this one.

So I mean, yeah. Taking it out of chronological order and basing it on popularity is a super dick move that I am honestly not in favor of. Just leave it the hell alone.
The enabling notifications thing is cool, though.'s what I think about notifications:

Sunday, March 20

Sunday Confessions 3-20-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: I've been having a Nightmare on Elm Street marathon. And I still really like #6 - I know a lot of people hate it because it ramped up the camp factor and humor, but I enjoy it and it cracks me up every time.

I confess: I didn't vote in the Michigan primaries for various reasons which are all lame.

friends shame ross david schwimmer

I confess: I didn't enjoy the books Mr. Mercedes or Starship Troopers. Eh. I know a lot of people had a lot to love in King's non-supernatural, purely crime/detective fiction book, but it just didn't hold my interest. And I know Troopers is a classic, but I found the book uneven, slow at times, and even going into it knowing it was a propaganda/message about how society should be book, I STILL found it more than a little heavy-handed in that department. (There were, however, some excellent points in that heavy-handedness).

I confess: I am so completely over politics. This happens every election year, and I feel like it gets worse season. There is a part of me that doesn't even know why we're going through the motions this time around - everyone already knows who they are going to vote for. Just put the names on the ballot and lets be over with it. But alas - the democratic process and such.

Sunday, March 13

Sunday Confessions 3-13-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: I was two days late filling my Tri-Nessa Rx, and now I have a pimple on my chin and I couldn't leave it alone now it's worse and I'm just annoyed because, grrr, pimples.

I confess: I am playing Lego Harry Potter on the Wii (both Yrs. 1-4 and Yrs. 5-7) again and I'm not even sorry. I love that game; it it so perfect for just zoning out and getting out of my head. It's almost meditative.

I confess: My state tax return got randomly selected for 'review', so the estimated time for the 'review' to be finished is September 2016 which just pisses me off. Like, we as citizens get a week to do things and even if we submit our stuff well before deadline, they'll be all "well, we didn't get it" and I'm like "well I have proof it was successfully faxed to this # on this day, etc.," and they're like "that's not our problem. Too late." But when they need to figure something out, they just take all the time in the world and if it's not done by then, they just get more time, because. Fucking government.

I confess: night I had to go to the ER because Shawn & I thought I was having a heart attack. I had these really bad stabby chest pains every time I breathed in and I couldn't quite catch my breath and the pain was radiating around my upper back and arm and into my neck there was a tingly feeling in my hands and jaw. So after five hours there, it turns out my EKG is beautiful, my chest X-ray was unremarkable, and my blood was all good - no heart issues.
However....I am very out of shape and evidently "sprained my chest muscles" and hit a nerve having some very athletic sex, which is what I'd been doing right before this pain all happened.
So...yeah. Embarrassing.

spongebob squarepants embarrassed

Thursday, March 10

Blogging Challenges I Face

On Posting:
Sometimes life gives you challenges.
And sometimes life is just...well, it's not that interesting. You just keep going and the days keep passing and you make food and take showers and collect the mail, but nothing particularly interesting happens and you just keep going.

gfaught loop rainbow color fitness
How hypnotic is this gif?

Sometimes things happen that I technically could blog about, but I don't want to, because while I aim to keep my blog honest and real, I very much don't want to sink into negative stuff too much.
Sometimes it's not even stuff that's necessarily bad, it's just I'm going through a depression sink or some such thing. But I really don't want reading my blog to turn into this:

editingandlayout  alan rickman bored boring editingandlayout

And while I do try very hard to keep this place honest and real with both ups and downs, there are some things that of course I'm just not going to share - and until those things are filtered out of my head, I'm like that rainbow on a treadmill, except it's my thoughts repeating themselves, rather than my days. 

And of course, there's always the good-'ole "does anyone actually care/is anyone actually entertained?" God, I hope so! 

On Connecting:
Oy. I freaking love blogging and I love my blogger friends. But sometimes locating other blogs that I'm interested in is just a pain in the ass. I tend to check out blogs that my favorite bloggers read, and I do make an effort to comment. And it's okay if a blogger doesn't want to check out my site or does and isn't interested. But if I'm taking the time to not only read, but to comment - courtesy dictates you reply. (Unless you are one of those blogs with thousands of followers and hundreds of comments a day. Dude, can you imagine responding to all those?)

Being non-niche is a difficult (but damn awesome!) place to be in blog-land. And there are many blogs or post types that I flat ignore. I will sometimes do a post about blog stuff I don't read. 

I guess I would honestly say the biggest blogging challenge for me, truly, is that sometimes my life isn't particularly exciting. That's why I sometimes (frequently) skip weekend snapshots - because they would all be the same, maybe? But with spring coming, I think things will lighten up. 

Tuesday, March 8

Weekend Snapshots 10

A weekly link-up hosted by Reinventing Jess and 3twentysix

 ~ I didn't do a very good job this weekend. Crap. Whatrya gonna do? ~

Friday morning Shawn and I got up early and headed downstate for an APBA Baseball tournament. I don't know how to describe the game, except that it's kind of like Magic: The Gathering meets fantasy baseball - but not. There are cards for each player (from current to way back in the day) and they have teams, but you can also build your own team. So if you wanted to play a game of the 2006 Detroit Tigers against say, the 1993 Atlanta Braves or 1925 Washington Senators you could. It's a whole thing, there all different things you can do. Like, you could build a monster team that had Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Justin Verlander, Mike Trout....etc., you could. 

Friday was uneventful. We drove down, got a hotel room and loafed around until he met up with a few of the other guys for non-tournament games while I passed out in the hotel, thanks to my good friend Midol. #crampsandroadtripsdonotgotogether

Saturday we saw the hotel had the worst continental breakfast ever and Shawn headed off to the tournament, which started at 9AM. 
For my part, I watched cable, took walks, and generally goofed off.
Shawn returned from the tournament at 7:45 that night on cloud nine, because he won. (There were 36 attendees from all over the states.) 

We went out to a local pizza place and had some crazy delicious pizza and then hit back to the hotel to fall into a pizza coma. Sunday morning we were up early and got home by 1PM, much to the excitement of both us and Isabelle. I missed her so much while we were gone! Shawn worked Sunday night and Isabelle had lots of extra cuddles.

It was a fun, weekend, not particularly eventful on my end, but it was nice to get out of the apartment and go for a nice short road trip. 

Wednesday, March 2

Internal Organs as Status Symbols, or, Where I've Been

Frequent UTI's have been an ongoing thing for me for a couple years now. So a couple weeks ago was my most recent trip to the doc for a super in-depth urinalysis for another UTI and a round of antibiotics.
Except...there is no bacteria in my urine, nothing to indicate infection. Yet I have all the symptoms, and my urine is definitely abnormal, there is a bunch of shit in there that shouldn't be, things that "only unhealthy kidneys would ever have this show up in a urinalysis."

So they come back with: let's run some more tests.
So they ran tests, looking for everything from the innocuous to the Scary.
And guess what answer they finally came up with?

idk shrug i dont know television sesame street

The whole thing has been like this:

And to answer the next question - yup, I'm still having symptoms and my urine is still abnormal but negative for infection. The only suggestion anyone can come up with is to "keep drinking a lot of water." Which has me like:

harry potter idk shrug confused dumbledore

So who knows? Guess I'll just keep on truckin' along, because it's not like having healthy kidneys is important or anything.