Sunday, October 8

Sunday Confessions: October 7, 2017

I Confess: It is a very good thing the batteries in my scale died. I've been eating a lot less sugar (particularly refined) and I feel less bloated and such, but it's a good thing I cannot weigh myself because I am neurotic.

I Confess: As I type this, my cat keeps tapping my arm so I will stop typing and pet her. LOL Baby.

I Confess: Sometimes I wish I could write about work stuff, but I cannot. Alas. . .

I Confess: In the black hole the internet can sometimes be, I was looking for something Hufflepuff related and one click led to another (as is wont to happen when aimlessness and the internet meet), and I found myself reading Harry Potter fanfiction. I only read a couple little short stories, but still.


  1. I always want to write about work, too, but it's stupidly easy to google. Plus I already suspect that someone at work reads my blog, although I have no idea how they found it. Same goes for family stuff - aka all of the juicy/hilarious things in life. C'EST LA VLOGGING.

    I need to know more about why you were casually searching for something Hufflepuff-related. Not so I can make fun of you - I need to feel better about my own browser tabs. (Currently: "cats in wedding pictures" and a Youtube video of a mom doing a "grocery haul" like WHO CARES WHY AM I WATCHING THIS.)

    1. I think you're on to a post idea, all of my current internet tabs... which right now I have 13 but none are as interesting as yours.

  2. My cat starts with cute love taps, but progresses, and by progresses I mean like gives me maybe two seconds, to bites, swipes, slaps, and claws. We just had a little fight just yesterday. And by fight I mean, she slapped me, I told her no, she slapped at me again, and I cooed at her and gave her head butts and told her we are not fighting today!

    Fanfiction, huh? Ha, I can say I've never read any but it both intrigues me and makes me laugh because it's a weird thing to do, right? The writing it, I mean. Was it you or something I read online where someone accidentally started reading the fanfiction version of Harry Potter thinking it was the real version and was so confused when they started discussing it with their friend???

  3. I can't believe I missed this comment! D'oh! Which cat is it that advances from pats to bites so quickly?
    Lol Someone thinking fanfic is real.
    And yeah, I have to imagine writing it would be weird. I'll stick to reading it when boredand nothing else presents itself.


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