Saturday, March 3

Sunday Confessions 3-4-18

I Confess: I fucking love "Pumped Up Kicks." 

Like, I know what it's about and especially today, I kind of feel like I shouldn't like it so much. But it gets so stuck in my head and I sing it to myself quite often at work when people are being asshats.

I Confess: I love that my computer doesn't recognize "asshat" as a word.

I Confess: So we have the Director of Operations for Applebee's coming to visit our store on the 8th, a Thursday. Oi. I am already anxious in my gut and it's so much not fun. Can we quit with the visits already? I mean, we keep failing on a bigger and bigger scale and so we get more and more visitors and also it turns perfectly normal human beings into...erm...crazy human beings, and not good crazy. Everyone is stressed out (especially the managers, understandably so). Groan.

I Confess: Remember the other computer that I left the dvd in? Well, I exchanged it and that's all fine and the new one I love and it's all good. Except that I keep accidentally doing things on it and I don't know how I did it. Working on figuring that out. It has to do with holding buttons down and it thinks I want to do that button forever and I'm like "no, no, no. Stop. Stop doing that." It's nothing serious. But yeah. I feel out of my league and kind of wish I could put dummy instructions on this computer instead of making me dig for answers. 



  1. Oh gosh, the work thing sounds super stressful :( I would be one of those anxious idiots that makes things worse. It's like, I know how to type, but as soon as someone is standing next to me watching me type, suddenely all muscle memory is out the window.

    My husband is a godsend for me, especially for tech. I would be completely lost without him. Anytime I don't know how to use a new phone or laptop, he is right there to figure it out. If I didn't have him... I'd probablly still have a flip phone, ha.

    1. Ha ha - I can totally see you being nervous about typing and it makes it all worse and it's like "quit watching me!"

      It's nice to have a tech husband for assistance. In my case (for the most part), I am the tech one, and it's not good, ha ha.


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