Sunday, October 25

Sunday Confessions: 10-25-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: I've been binge-watching iZombie on netflix and I really like it. This wouldn't be a confession, except a lot of your more hard-core zombie fans tend to not love this show. But I am enjoying it so far, so whatever.

can you spare a brain?

I confess: I got out of the shower and put on pajama pants. And something felt funny. So I spent ten minutes jiggle walking until I finally took them off and discovered a dryer sheet stuck to my tush. Maybe that should've been step 1.

black and white animated GIF

I confess: Shawn recently got a new job he is very happy with. He works the broiler at a bar & grill place, so basically my husband's job is to spend all day cooking steak. He comes home talking about his day and how crazy busy it was and I'm just sitting there like:

Friday, October 23

A Visual Trip Inside My Brain

Some time ago, Heather did a post about her thoughts and used this awesome brain outline that she'd made and I asked for a copy and she posted about it and I'm finally getting around to putting up my "on my mind" brain drawing. I went with pictures as opposed to words, because I tend to be fairly verbose at the best of times, so when there is opportunity for less, I feel like I should take it and give you guys a break.

So this is what's in my head on a regular basis right now:

Just in case you aren't sure what the drawings are, I will provide a lovely list, starting on the far left.

Thanksgiving. (Yes, worst doodle of a turkey in forever.)
Packing, boxes, moving.
Reading books, writing books. Books in general.
The blue person is me dancing around my new apartment with no one to see me.
My writing.
Money...budgeting, planning, rent, etc.
That greyish/black thing with the squares is a computer keyboard.
Above that is a cheeseburger with onion rings.
Yes, I am starting to think a little about Christmas. Homemade cards this year.
The pinkish red mess is leaving room for the crazy.
The blue house in the middle is I cannot fucking wait to move.
Picture taking, instagram, photos, blah...I just like taking pics.
Zombies, as always.
And pizza. Because pizza.

Thursday, October 22

Garfield's Halloween Adventure

Who remembers this one from the 80's? 

Super excited for Halloween and candy-candy-candy.

Definitely not a scaredy cat. Odie don't care either way.


Okay, this cartoon guy scared the crap out of me as a kid.

Well, crap. Pirate ghosts.

Won't spoil it all in case someone out there hasn't seen it, but naturally a happy ending is in order, and Garfield shares the booty with Odie.

A cartoon classic, filled with fun songs, plenty of delightful Odie, and a couple moments of genuine creepiness, this Halloween special is a must. 
You can usually find Garfield's holiday specials collection at Walmart or Target, and if not there, of course Amazon. Definitely worth it. 

- All screen stills were taken from my own copy of this movie. - 

Sunday, October 18

Sunday Confessions: 10-18-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: It is currently one o'clock in the afternoon and I have only been awake for half an hour. If you can call what I am "awake." Some nights are better than others.

I confess: I took Isabelle to the vet a few days ago to get her shots updated and everyone there fawned over her (naturally,) and when the vet said: (quote:) "She is in excellent health in general for a cat, and for ten years old, her energy, agility, and mental faculties are actually quite exceptional." - Yeah, I was like a beaming parent who had just found out her kid was named valedictorian. 

 I confess: We watched the goonies last night and basically I couldn't stop imaging stuff like this: 
the lord of the rings animated GIF

Sunday, October 11

Sunday Confessions 10-11-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: Leftover pizza for breakfast today. Hell yes.

I confess: I might've watched some old Christmas cartoons on youtube and gotten weirdly excited. I don't care what time of year it is: Donald Duck at Christmas is hilarious. 

I confess: Getting real sick and tired of being sick. I'd like my energy back anytime now, thank you. 

I confess: I don't really have a lot to confess to this week. Not much has been going on and a lot of things that are on my mind are in a holding pattern pending further information. So. We shall see.

Anybody got anything interesting this week?

Wednesday, October 7

Four Fun Links

  • Sex Test (An interactive questionnaire designed to be used by couples)

bill murray animated GIF

(I am excessively proud of having made the above gif. )

Tuesday, October 6

Anxiety Is: A Brain That Does Not Shut Off

You know how sometimes you do things to quiet your brain down when it won't stop running? But then eventually that thing doesn't work, either? So you do something else. Anyway, I suck at drawing, but sometimes I like to do it anyway. My friend Rachel says that if nothing else, at least my doodles have some "personality."
So sometimes I doodle about what's going on in my brain, which - even though I'm doodling about anxiety/depression, it sometimes actually calms me down.
This is the first shitty (awesome) anxiety doodle I did.

Sunday, October 4

Sunday Confessions 10-4-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: I have recently come to realize that I prefer powder creamer in my coffee. (Ducks while throwing of rotten tomatoes and eggs commences.) Of course, it needs to be flavored, like french vanilla or something. But yeah. There it is. 

I confess: I actually genuinely like Lender's bagels. You know, the frozen kind they keep in the refrigerator section? I'm not a bagel snob. Then again...I've never been to New York, which I know is a thing. I'll add it to the list. (But I'm not changing my pizza ways. New York pizza is dumb. Deep dish all the way, baby.)

I confess: Shawn & I have been binge-watching Once Upon a Time and it's entirely possible I'm more emotionally involved with the characters than is 100% healthy.

I confess: One of the many reasons I am super stoked about October - among all the other reasons we white girls are all about - leaves, hoodies, cute boots, pumpkin spice everything - is it's the best time of year for horror movies. I freaking LOVE horror movies - there is nothing better than lighting a pumpkin spice candle, curling up with a blanket on a grey day and watching a good fright fest. And if said horror movie takes place in the Autumn, even better. :)

I confess:  My brother & sister went away for the weekend - they left Friday afternoon and are coming home late this evening. And while I love them, this has been the best weekend I've had in a l-o-n-g time.