Sunday, January 31

Sunday Confessions: 1-31-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: When I went back to last week's confessions post to reply to comments, and re-saw (now a word) this gif, all I can see is Cringer's cat boobs. 
80s relief he-man 80s cartoon motu

I confess: I want all the chocolate. All of it.

I confess: I was writing out Shawn's schedule on the calendar and when I wrote 9AM-? for Sunday the 31st (which is now today, because I am planning ahead) - I got all excited for a minute and I was like "cool, so you'll be home for New Year's Eve" and Shawn looked at me like I had seven heads and I was like..."Oh yeah, that was last month."

I confess: I've just recently started thinking about goals for 2016. What can I say? Evidently I'm a month behind the lunar calendar.

anime headache maxim parasyte splitting

I confess: My therapist and I were discussing "things that need to happen before I will be able to return to work." Given the state my brain has been in for the past 24 hours or so, I'd say getting my chronic headaches/migraines under control would be a big one.

Monday, January 25

Sunday Confessions 1-24(25)-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: I completely spaced on the fact that it was Sunday yesterday until about 11PM. (AGAIN.) This is the 2nd week in a row I've kinda dropped the ball. Oops. May need to start scheduling these.

I confess: I had a BIG bowl of "death by chocolate" ice cream last night and I don't regret a single bite. So so good.

I confess: I am a terrible person when it comes to Winter Storm Jonas. My primary emotion with that storm was "thank God it's not us!"

80s relief he-man 80s cartoon motu

I confess: I have spent an inordinate amount of time playing Wizard 101 - I never thought I could get emotionally involved in whether or not a cartoon fish bites my cartoon bait.

I confess: I have an eye exam tomorrow and I am quite excited - my eyes are severely dry and I need something to help.

I confess: I am one of those people who fucking HATE the Patriots. I hate Tom Brady, I hate Bill Belichick, and I hate the team as a whole. And I don't care very much about sports. But seeing them lose was like:

dr evil mike myers austin powers international man of mystery

Thursday, January 21

Exercise Playlist

There are two major ways I exercise:
I will follow along to an exercise dvd but wear my headphones and crank fun poppy music if I am feeling high energy. Alternatively, I will put on the netflix and kind of free-form my own routine based on the moves from the dvd.

I really enjoy the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home dvds, but after a couple viewings with the sound on, the audio gets super annoying, which is why I listen to upbeat high-energy music instead. Also, it makes time feel like it's going faster.

No matter what I do, I do monitor my heart rate and pay attention to my breathing and fatigue level to make sure I'm being challenged but not working myself to a point where I'm going to collapse after and not want to exercise for days.

Here is a sample of the songs on my "Exercise Playlist," but this is nowhere near a complete list. (Gotta change it up, rotate songs, etc.) But these are ones that are generally in heavy rotation when I'm working up a sweat.
(PS - Not all of these are "good" songs, but they are good for getting pumped up. Also, I deliberately left out all the 80's hair metal songs because we all know which of those make a good exercise track. Or not.)
(Click on the song to go to the video.)

What do you guys do for exercise? What do you listen to? Where is your favorite place to be when you get sweaty?

Tuesday, January 19

Weekend Snapshots 3

A weekly link-up hosted by Reinventing Jess & 3twentysix
Head over and add your two cents! 

Shawn & I went to the store yesterday afternoon before the worst of the (I've lost track of whether it's an ongoing, might-never-end snowstorm, or if we are just having new ones every single day) storm. 
Car selfie after getting groceries while Shawn double-checked the oil in the car.
Odd lighting. My face is like a white ball wearing a hat here. 

True romance: Shawn cooked something in the microwave and it exploded; he didn't ignore it or just tell me later or anything - he cleaned it up himself, right away. 

Snowed in pretty much all weekend.
These were all taken with my phone; the 2nd from bottom is the only one that comes close to showing how thick the snow was and how bad the visibility. 

Not pictured, because I am too lazy to take screenshots and take the time to load the pics onto my computer:my phone was being a jerk, and my patience ran thin, so I ended up doing a factory reset 
on it. Not a problem - it actually functions faster and cleaner and better now and everything is wonderful and I didn't lose any pics or contacts and yay! - the only thing that mildly bugs me is I have lost months worth of period tracker and headache log tracker. Eh, it's a small price to pay.

Sunday, January 17

Sunday Confessions 1-17-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: We are in the middle of (another) snow storm with tons of lake effect snow (the short definition: cold air clouds move over big 'ole lakes, and since water takes longer to change temperature, the water is warmer than the air. So the cold clouds suck up all the "warm" lake water and then once they're back over land, it's like "oh, time to take a dump." Basically, it's cloud diarrhea.

I confess: Shawn was supposed to work at noon and I freaked out and put the kibosh on that plan, seeing as we can't get out of the parking lot in our tiny car.

I confess: I completely didn't take any weekend snapshots, so it's going to be stock photos and such for me again this week.

I confess: This is the weakest Sunday Confessions I've done in a long time - I'm aware of it and kinda don't care.

Wednesday, January 13

Weekend Snapshots 2

A link-up hosted by: 

Isabelle checks out the snow.

This is what happens when you allow your cramps to dictate your dish-washing schedule
and skip them for 2 1/2 days.

Rainy, wet, miserable, cold. 

Perfect time to spend the day in jammies. 

I did dig my book boxes out of the pile and got my bookshelf set up.

Rain eventually turned to snow...not just snow, but a nice big winter storm with plenty
of lake effect snow on top of the freezing rain that came before. Ugh.

My bedroom window, the winter storm warning continuing.

I had the image stamp on my camera turned on and then forgot to turn it off. Whoops.

We had no snow here up until about two weeks ago and now it's a constant dumping. (And no, the snow has still not stopped, although it's not as heavy.)

I have been exercising every other day and one day thought I would go outside for a nice outdoor walk for my workout. HA HA HA HA Nope. I made it to the mailbox (outside the front office building) and back and on my way back, the wind was so bitter and relentless I had to walk backwards several times just so I could breathe. (We were in the middle of a gale warning in addition to the winter storm warning, so I'm not sure what I was thinking.)

Not pictured: I finished reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, which I liked. I liked the Millennium Trilogy reasonably well - I probably don't feel the need to read it again, but I enjoyed the series. The 1st was the best and the 3rd book second, the 2nd book in the trilogy my least favorite.
I've now started reading Catch-22 again. I love this book. If you have not read Catch-22, DO IT. 
Little known fact: when I was a kid, my dad used to call me "apple cheeks" after the character Orr. 

Sunday, January 10

Sunday Confessions 1-10-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: Oops! I completely blanked on the fact that it was Sunday until about 30 seconds ago. 

I confess: I'm in S5 of Gilmore Girls and I wanted to find out who Rory ends up with at the end of the show, so I read a summary on Wikipedia and now I'm kind of eye-rolling about the show even MORE, now that I know Rory is going to apparently turn into a hateful little shit. 

I confess: And what the hell is with every guy she dates being all crazy in-love with her and she's the most special and amazing girl ever? Has no guy ever just been "I had a crush on you 'cuz you're cute but now that we go out you are so not my type, so see ya."?

I confess: I thought I would go outside for a walk today and forgot about the gale warning and my "walk" lasted maybe all of five minutes. Back inside and time for tea for this weather wimp. <

I confess: Frozen pizza for dinner tonight. 

Wednesday, January 6

Photodump: The Apartment

The moment you've all been waiting for:

First visit after signing the lease. The patio faces East.

Nice lighting, and a little window in the dining area. It's a very bright place. 

This bathtub actually works. The plug stays down so water doesn't
slowly drain out.

This washer/dryer set is possibly smarter than my computer.

Where I'm standing, to the right is the kitchen, left is living room.

Living room so far. Still stuff to do and add.
But! It is big enough to do exercise dvd's without moving furniture,
which is a novelty.

The second bedroom/office/den. All but a couple of those boxes are
full of action figures and other collectibles that Shawn has
accumulated since he was 18 or so.

This little corner is going to be my office area.

How to decorate the laundry room.

And the closet.

A few things:
~ All the appliances are energy-efficient -  including the shower. Our old shower was like being in a waterfall. You could stand under the spray and it could give your back or chest a nice little massage. Getting used to energy-efficient water pressure was weird at first.

~ The oven and stove work amazing! Old place, package directions says: bake for 10 minutes. Yeah, bake for at least 15 minutes. Here: package says bake for 10 minutes, you bake for 10 minutes. The burners heat up rather quickly & cool down nicely.

~ I think I've already expressed my delight at the bath plug staying put and not leaking so I can actually take a bath.

~ The microwave has a turntable. The old place had an ancient microwave without a turntable and also you had to zap things for twice the time suggested. (At least).

~ The sink has a sprayer. It is such a pain in the ass to clean a sink without a sprayer. #firstworldproblems

~ The water tastes good. Old place had that weird mineraly city-water taste and the filter didn't fit well at all.

~ Holy monkeys, the washer & dryer! Our first day here, I washed all our bedding. The comforter came out and I was stunned by how BRIGHT the thing was. Like, BRIGHT. And really soft. And when the sheets came out and we were making the bed, he was all "man, these sheets are so...fluffy." 
Old place had an efficiency unit that  was well beyond it's "need to be replaced by" date and was a huge issue with me, because no matter how many times I complained about the dryer being crap and the washer having a weird smell, nothing ever got done. Although, this from the same place that employed a maintenance man who, when I pointed out that our roof was going to leak, responded with: "Well, roofs leak, you know."
(I WISH I was making that up.)

So things are good and I will take more pictures as we go and get more settled in. 

Monday, January 4

Weekend Snapshots 1

So I thought I would attempt to do a weekend snapshots thing, even though my life isn't particularly interesting.
Currently it is being hosted by 3twentysix and reinventing jess (honestly I am okay with just joining in this link-up and not hosting it).
I don't have a header picture yet, so here's a picture of me from summer 2006.

I am working on being healthier inside and out, in small steps. I thought I would makeover my snacking, so when we went grocery shopping I decided to pick up carrots and hummus. And then today I was having a late lunch of a sandwich and carrots and hummus. And then I was all:
What the hell was I thinking? I hate carrots and hummus. Or at least, that flavor of hummus. Or maybe the combination of the two? I feel like garlic hummus on pita chips would be good; I've had that before and enjoyed it.


I finished reading Dietland, which I quite enjoyed. And no, it is not just about some chick who wants to lose weight. 

source/author site

Now that we have internet, and therefore, netflix, back, I am sucked back into the world of Stars Hollow and Fake Yale watching Gilmore Girls again. I watch it in spurts. I'll watch a bunch of episodes and suddenly be like: "I hate you all," and stop watching for a good long time and then out of the blue I'll be all "Oh, let me consume Gilmore Girls the way they consume coffee."

the walking dead rick grimes andrew lincoln

I realize the above is not a "snapshot" and it's also not Gilmore Girls, but it was the only thing I could find to adequately show how I feel about having netflix back.

Yeah, that's about all - it was a pretty low-key weekend. And next week, I'll be more prepared...maybe.

Saturday, January 2

Sunday Confessions: 1-2-16 (Internet Stuff Edition)

The United States of Becky

I confess: 2 entire weeks without internet was...well, shitty would be a good word. There were other things to do: clean, unpack, play video games, read, draw, all the other stuff in the world. But man. You know that Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons where they are parodying The Shining, and they call it "The Shinning," and Homer is all "No beer and no TV makes Homer go crazy."? Yeah. This was more like "No coffee and no internet make Becky go crazy."

I confess: I have so many things in my many blog post ideas. So many ideas for doodles. So many gifs I want to make. I sat down this morning with a big cup of coffee and put on the music and started getting to work.

I confess: I am STILL working on cleaning up my old posts/archives. I am checking links and gifs and videos and deleting posts and adding pics and that shit is involved, yo. But I do enjoy doing it.

I confess: There were a TON of unread posts in my bloglovin' feed. I went through my favorite blogs and read all those ladies' posts and commented on many, but the others, I really just skimmed - as in, I looked at the title and the image to see if it was worth my time to bother and mostly it wasn't. About 90% of the unreads were Christmas-related. So, boom. I am caught up on blog reading.

I confess: The fact that Sunday Confessions were still posted even during a 2 week absence made my day when I saw them. You guys are the best.