Wednesday, August 31

Fave Fonts 1

I have to tell you guys: I love fonts. I do. I am that person who will waste two hours on picking just the right font before I start writing whatever I was going to write. And God help me if I don't already have the font that feels right for the job, because I will go looking. And then I get sucked into the never-ending beautiful black hole of free fonts. Seriously. Pinterest has NOTHING on the time suck that is looking at fonts.

I know every blogger and their mother is all "free font friday" and crap, but that's not me. I actually honestly really enjoy seeing these fonts when I make my lists and write notes to myself. I am quite picky about what I download and even more so about what I end up using.
I thought you might enjoy them. Maybe you won't.
Also, I made up stories for them, because.

The name of a store in a quaint New England town. Over the years it has been a bookstore, a clothing store, an occult store, a kitsch store, a clothing store again, a jewelry store, a coffee shop, etc. Currently trying to make it's way by books and the kitschy occult, like protection necklaces and charm candles and stuff. The lady who owns it is new and town and she's not sure if she is going to make it. The town rumor is that no one can keep the store going for very long because when the town was first founded, a witch lived on that property and she cursed the land so no one would ever be able to make the land prosperous. Unproven theory, but then again....

Prince Charming's younger sister by 8 years. After her initial phase of being pissed about being "too young" to attend balls and go on embassy trips that Stupid Older Brother went on, she eventually got over it when she realized: A.) People remember princesses names, no one remembers the names of princes, unless they are very interesting, and B.) There are a lot of unused rooms in this castle and actually a lot of ways to sneak out. From age 8 onward makes previously abandoned rooms her own, each dedicated to various "things she is interested in." In one room she has tons of pictures of the human anatomy from medical books on the walls. In another room she has created a veritable haven for all the frogs she has caught. She wants to make an aviary in the tower. Her personal butler both loves and hates his assignment, because helping to create a frog sanctuary wasn't what he was trained for and isn't exactly fun, but then again, it's better than waiting on the dumb prince.
Daisy grows up and goes to a very exclusive college in a foreign country. Double majors, ends up becoming a scientist and owning a reptile sanctuary.

English teacher in a New England town, obviously. Young, of course. Single, duh. She adores the history teacher across the hall and he likes her. They've been out for coffee a few times. A part of her wishes for more excitement, like maybe she could date a cop or something like in one of the mystery novels she's always reading. One night she and a couple of friends are leaving the theater after seeing a movie they all enjoyed very much for the eye candy, some random guy just like, bumps into her really hard. Her first instinct is to apologize, because - you know. But then also she's kinda pissed, thinking about the tough cool chick from the movie and she pushes the guy away while shouting "Hey!" and then she sees dude is fucked up and also she does NOT want more excitement in her life (this all happens in that space of a flash of a millisecond) and she already has her keys in her hand and kind of whips them at his face hoping to make him go away but it doesn't really do anything and he ends up grabbing her arm and taking a big bite out of her wrist and she screams and tries to get away while he chews on her arm. Because let's face it: everyone thinks they would survive a zombie apocalypse/outbreak, but most of us would die.

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Sunday, August 28

Sunday Confessions: August 28, 2016

United States of Becky

I confess: I spent a disproportionately large amount of time this weekend playing video games. My fancy life.

I confess: The closer it gets to school starting time, the more anxiously eager I look forward to it. I love kids when they are the kids of people I like. I love my friends' kids. I like adorable kids in small doses. Kids as an overall collective from ages toddler through college running around shrieking and spasming and in general just being little monsters I hate. 

I confess: Finally got around to watching TWD season 6 and I love Daryl and he's wonderful and amazing but I kinda just want him to get a haircut now. Even just a little one. 

Friday, August 26

Film Friday: Fed Up


This movie was pretty damn good, I gotta say. Amazing, actually, especially for a movie telling me stuff I (mostly) didn't already (kind of) know.
Sugar is addictive. I know this. The government is as good as run by corporations. The machine is fueled by money and people with lots of money want to keep it that way and will do whatever they can to do so, and they do not care about you. They care about their bank account.
This is also not news.

However, this movie does do the single best job of explaining how sugar overload & insulin resistance work than any single other source I've ever seen. Also, I have to admit: I honestly didn't realize that excessive sugar consumption interfered with the body's ability to know how to recognize fullness. Never actually knew that. (Future post coming someday.)

I think the film did a good job of presenting a lot of things, and making its point.
I think it could have done better with some other things.
The stories of the teens who were in the movie: I would like to have known if they were given any new information about their diets. Did the producers just go ahead and let them continue to eat the crap they'd been eating or were they given education on diet? That would've been nice to know.

I think they could have explained their theories behind why energy balance, i.e., calories in/calories out is not the sole solution. They state it, and they seem to back it up, but they don't back it up well enough. (Note: I already knew {believed, whatever you call it} this, but for a documentary film, they should have had further explanation on that.

All around I think it's at the very least a good movie to hopefully get people's attention. It's a START. So much was left out, but then again, only so much can be addressed in the time allotted. What I think is this movie is a good wake-up call. And I think there are some good ideas presented.


This book is a good one for further examination of diet and calories in/calories out culture and how the body reacts to sugar. It is dry at times, it is emotional at times. It is fascinating at times. The studies it shares of the effects of a low calorie diet (from all food sources) has on a person, the effects sugar has on a rat, the effects of a low fat, low calorie but carb heavy diet on a discusses all these things. At times it is depressing. The conclusion is depressing. But if you have interest in this topic, I highly recommend reading this.

Monday, August 22

Autumn Goals

I am SO NOT GOOD at setting goals for one month. Like, need to get this all done in September. But I can for sure give myself a season, or a quarter, and get stuff done.

I have lots - lots - lots of ideas for posts and I'm sure more will develop. I'm working on being more active with my posts and following up on reading & commenting more regularly. Also, I'm working on being more organized, i.e., I'm making lists of posts I want to do so I won't forget, and also working on getting them started and maybe even scheduling things and such.

I need more blogs to read. I am actively on the hunt for more interesting blogs to read.

I've been having thoughts. Writer thoughts. Writer's block is a real thing, guys. And that advice about "just writing anyway" can sometimes make things worse. I mean, obviously you have to keep writing. But too much forcing it is....not a good situation - like exercise. Keep at it even when you don't want a point.
writing working typing kermit kermit the frog

I've been sorting through the google play store (android user here) and experimenting with all different kinds of guided meditation/relaxation/breathing/sleep well/anti-anxiety apps. Some are better than others. Some, obviously are only for bed time, when my brain will.not.shut.up. But I'd like to find something well-rounded for the middle of the day.

Yeah. Like a basic white girl, I can't even. So many random files named just by the date uploaded and not sorted and tons of duplicates and multiple stages of editing where I messed something up but didn't delete the messed up one.... I recently deleted 2800 items in my recycle bin. And I've only hit the tip of the iceberg.

Time to back everything up again and also FORCE Shawn to do his, too, no matter how "annoying and time-consuming" it is.

His back has been bothering him.

This one is iffy. I'd really like to see the sleep specialist and hit the clinic, get a C-PAP so I can sleep better. I don't doubt it would improve my quality of life. Because sleep apnea sucks HARD, yo.
And a LOT of people with sleep apnea can tell you the lack of oxygen/lack of deep sleep creates this horrible chain reaction of exhaustion and sore muscles and foggy brain and it basically makes life suck all the time.) It makes you appreciate air. The only problem is the nearest sleep specialist & clinic that takes my insurance is an hour drive away. (If they still take it. The next one would be a 2/3 hour drive.) It's A LOT of driving. I'm leaning toward going, but nothing is definite yet.

Do you have goals for this autumn season or any of the upcoming months?

Sunday, August 21

Sunday Confessions: August 21, 2016

The United States of Becky

I confess: I don't really actually have anything to confess this week. 

Saturday, August 20

Film Friday: Zombeavers


I've actually watched Zombeavers twice. (Yes, it's true.) Once by myself and once with my siblings. I can honestly say it's fine alone, but much more enjoyable watching it with a group, provided the group has a certain sense of humor.

As you can see, the plot is the typical teenagers, woods, sex, blood, running, dying.
The effects are awesomely lame, the dialogue is silly and intended to be so, but it's delivered with such a straight face that these super cheese lines work in exactly the way they're supposed to. 
This is clearly not a movie to be searching for "that doesn't make sense, how did the beaver get there?" issues with. Because if that's your problem, this isn't the movie for you. 
(Honestly, my biggest thing was why on earth would anyone swim in that gross-ass lake? That was the suspension of disbelief problem I had, rather than flesh eating beavers.) 

It's good for laughs, it's silly. It's certainly not the best B movie on the market or the most clever or well done zombie off-shoot I've seen, but it's enjoyable, and if you've got a group, or even just a couple people and a couple of drinks, the escapism factor is well worth it. Just spend 80 minutes in a world with stupid college kids and forget about work and bills and car troubles and all that and focus on the zombeavers for a bit. 


Sunday, August 14

Sunday Confessions 8-14-16

The United States of Becky

I confess: I haven't seen any of the Olympics. Mainly because I don't have cable, but still, it's a confession.

I confess: Without even realizing it, I guess I have found myself sinking into a bit of a depression slump over the past month or so. My anxiety has been high and unchecked for various reasons, and that often sends me into a depression spiral.

I confess: I will clarify that I have not yet seen Suicide Squad, but from all that I've seen so far, this is what my current assessment is: 

jeff goldblum jurassic park ian malcolm jurassicparkedit jeffgoldblumedit

Friday, August 12

Film Friday: Hush


Hush has generally earned praise from horror fans and just general movie goers alike and I have to agree. It's not groundbreaking, but it succeeds in areas where so many other horror movies fail.
Plot/tension: it starts, it moves steadily, things continue to build at a reasonable pace, the characters doing things real humans would do as opposed to ridiculousness because the plot says so, and builds logically on all things that have come before. 
Appearance: Human/normal. Our main characters look like actual people you would see in the supermarket. They are adults, not teens, which may or may not matter. More importantly, they are just people, who look normal for the given situation, both in clothing and makeup effects.
Ending: I have seen SO SO SO many horror movies that are enjoyable, tense, good, something positive - and then the last five minutes of the film and everything before is ruined. Ruined. Hush at least provides at satisfying ending.
Other: Blood - there is blood, but no gore (which is the "guts" part of of blood and gore) and the blood is realistic. It's not over-the-top, it's not A History of Violence realistic. It''re watching the movie and the blood looks real - real.

All around, it's a decent movie. To achieve the most out of it, I would watch home alone with the lights out. 

Tuesday, August 9

The Weekend

- Went to the podiatrist and picked up my custom inserts. Now I just need to go shopping for a new pair of good sneakers to put them in. Excited for this when the time comes.
Also, my feet were finally professionally properly measured.
Guess what size they are?
Right is size 5(D)
Left is size 6 (DD)
Which left me like:
really tv reactions classic spock

I mean, I always knew the left was bigger, but I thought like half a size. Not an entire size and width setting. Feet are dumb.

- Finally got over the stomach flu (which is why there was no Sunday Confessions). Don't think it was a true stomach flu, but I was pretty miserable and I'd forgotten how miserable that crap can make me. Yay or being able to eat food!

- You know that feeling when you need to cry and can't? I binged on some Grey's Anatomy hoping it would spring the water works but all I could think was Meredith and Derek and so pompous and boring but everyone else is interesting. So nothing. Dead inside. I guess that's what you get for trying too hard with the tear bait.
Then I watched an episode of 30 Rock and randomly the tap turns on and here it comes. Damn you Tina Fey for your awesomeness.

Friday, August 5

Film Friday: Zoombies


Zoombies seemed promising from the beginning - I mean, zombie zoo - what's not to love?
Our film starts as any B-style movie would be expected to, with a who's-who checklist of our expected characters (the one who doesn't want to be there, obvious dead meat, the wise youth, et al.) and we are given the obligatory monkey turns zombie and attacks people scene (also, the scientists in Prometheus were more intelligent than the scientists in this film). 
Eventually the monkeys escape (duh) and crazy ensues. 
Now, there were some really awesomely fun scenes in this movie, and I did enjoy watching it. It was fun and light and utterly ridiculous and bad. 

But it wasn't bad enough and that made it really not good. What I mean is, they didn't take it seriously and accidentally become ridiculously hilarious, and they didn't embrace the silly. They just...kinda...made a movie and made everyone OVERLY stupid because plot and at no point do they really freak out and think "holy shit zombie virus" - they all just get obsessed with the aviary and debating how to handle that situation and tons of plot holes are left out, like why this zoo doesn't have better safety protocols and also I get we're worried about the birds getting out but also lions can jump pretty high so maybe worry about them getting out and infecting the population, too? And why is no one even asking where this came from and how it's being transferred. (Ostensibly by bites, but it's never pronounced in the movie.) The worst offense is that from the beginning, the infected monkeys seem to be moving with a plan - they go to specific areas and then from there onto another area, and the animals attack in packs and part of the worry of the movie is the zoombie's ultimate goal seems to be to get to the aviary so they can infect the birds and release the zoombie virus into the world and take over. This would seem to be some pretty organized zombie thinking, and there is so much - so much! that could have been done with this movie. It's like they got the idea, started writing the script and then decided "eh, screw it, I don't care." 
Still, fun and entertaining enough. But really. A fail.