Wednesday, December 14

"Bad" Holiday Gifts vs. "Good" Holiday Gifts

Found this article and well, it didn't disappoint in terms of blog fodder.
Here are some of my thoughts about a few of the items:

# 1.) Exercise Gear 
     - Apparently this is risking the unintentional insult of saying: "you need to get in shape." Screw you, rule #1. I see tons of people all over social media saying what they really want is: sneakers, yoga pants, weights, etc. Hell, I even have this on my wish list.

# 4.) Anything Regifted
     - Ok, I get the faux pas of this. But . . .I don't know. I've been given regifted gifts where the person told me "this is a regift/I don't like this lotion but I know you love this scent" (my friends and I tend to be fairly up front) and it was awesome. I have regifted before (with disclosure) and it was all good. Obviously some things should never be regifted, it should still be in new condition, it should be something the person would actually like, and give it to someone outside the circle of people you received it from, i.e., co-worker, different group of friends, whatever.

# 6.) Calendar For a Year That Already Happened

# 7.) DVD's
    - Fuck you. Obvious Apple Product Placement is Obvious. I love DVD's. At this point in life, I still actually prefer them, kind of. Sure, I love the incredible (it really is incredible!) clarity of Blu-Ray, but I can watch DVD's on my laptop and that is super important in my house. This one is about knowing your audience and what THEY would like most.

# 9.) Cash
     -  Evidently this is ok for teens and tweens to receive, but not adults - then it's just tacky. Well, guess what? I have NEVER ONCE been disappointed to receive cash in a card or tiny box. You know what I spend that cash on? Stuff I really want but probably wouldn't otherwise buy. Maybe not for your best friend - but then again - maybe? Maybe what your bestie really wants for Christmas is a trip to the bar because she never gets to go out.

# 11.) A Single Knife

# 23.) Toilet Paper

# 27.) Socks
   - You reach a point somewhere in your twenties when suddenly every Christmas you're like "also: socks." Maybe wool socks, maybe hunting socks, maybe cutesy fun socks, maybe knee socks, maybe slipper socks, but at some point, you get to the point where you want socks. (Or is that just me and everyone I know above age 25?)

The entire list can be viewed by clicking the link at the top of this post. Many of the items are pretty obvious. Shape wear, fertility charms, hair dye, live animals, etc. But I guess somebody out there is gifting these things.

A lot of things are also "Well, is that what they asked for?" Like, "scale." Okay, apropos of nothing, you gift someone a scale = bad. They asked for a scale that could measure weight and body fat? Find a lovely one for them.

Have you ever regifted? What things do you think are "bad" gifts or shouldn't be given? What "bad" gifts have you received? Have you ever asked for or received a traditionally "bad" gift that you loved?

Saturday, December 10

Sunday Confessions December 11, 2016

I confess: I have not been reading much lately. Sometimes I'm just not feeling it and the past few months have been like that.

I confess: This was a long week. For the most part, I am actually a fairly patient and laid back person. And then there are times when someone just rubs me the wrong way and they just irritate me, you know? Like that person's mere being around-ness is like an overly scratchy sweater rubbing against the inside of my brain. This makes me feel bitchy - specifically toward said person or people. And then it's a long week.

I confess: I slept in way late today but I'm heading to bed already because I am pooped. The recent snowstorm must be making me want to hibernate.

Friday, December 9

Film Friday: Santa Claws


By and large, this was a pretty enjoyable movie. Is it a smart movie with great production value and brilliant script? Um, NO.
Is it ridiculously awesome/light/fun holiday made for TV movie with a target audience of first graders? YES, everyone who on the internet who bitched about production value.

Are there things it could have done better? Yeah, sure.
The kid could have been less of a dipshit. The mom was laughably anti-Christmas. And her reasoning wasn't like a tragic back story, it was ridiculousness which just made it funnier. (So maybe that was good...?)
Weird guy with his keen Santa fetish interest was kind of...bizarre. But in a watchable "this is craptacular fun" way.
But that's what you do for this kind of movie. It knows what it is and it doesn't try to be something it's not. I could very easily shred this movie with plot holes and silliness and "that doesn't make sense even in this movie's universe" - but you just turn off your brain and watch kittens delivering Christmas presents. I mean, come on.

And to be honest, the delivering presents scenes are really quite cute, because it's mostly just scenes of kittens playing with tiny wrapped presents - which, ADORABLE. The sets for these are beautifully done, and for a low-budget TV movie with barely a plot, there is actually a reasonable enough amount of character development and growth. I mean, it's super silly, but it's there. If you like cats, if you like Christmas movies, turn off your brain, grab some popcorn and give this one 80 minutes or so of your time.

Viewed on Showtime

Heads Up: Zero religious themes in this movie if someone is looking for something Christian. Also, be warned of excessive ridiculousness and cuteness.

Monday, December 5

Michigan Brand Music

A little while back in a post I shared a couple pictures I took "on a day trip to the U.P."
And I was met with a lot of confused: 
"What is the U.P.?"
And I quickly explained that it is Michigander shorthand for Upper Peninsula and people who live there are generally called "Yoopers." (Pronounced like shoop or hula "hoop".) 
There is even a band/comedy act that is rather iconic in these parts called - you guessed it -Da Yoopers.  The height of their popularity seemed to be when I was a young, when we would all run around singing their songs. Yes, there was a time when my friends and I knew the lyrics to all three of these songs by heart and would sing them in the back seat of our parents' cars for fun. Simpler times.

By far and away, this is probably their most famous song:

Tied for first as their most famous and successful song would easily be "The Second Week of Deer Camp".
There is also "Grandpa Got Run Over By A Beer Truck" for Christmas parody fun.

Sunday, December 4

Sunday Confessions December 4, 2016

I confess: I completely forgot it was Sunday until tonight. Whoops.

I confess: Today was one of those days I can only describe as "bitch I will cut you." (Which is funny since I have a very large knife in my hand for 99% of my day.) 

I confess: I really enjoy having cable. And DVR is just the best. 

I confess: I have the next 3 days off. HELL YES!!!!

Saturday, November 26

Sunday Confessions November 27, 2016

I confess: I have the flu. And this is now my life:

South Park sick flu coughing cough

I confess: I work with kids. (Most of the people I work with on a daily basis are in their early twenties.) And they do not get many of my references. I said something about walking around like Mr. Magoo and they had no idea. (Granted, Mr. Magoo was before my time, but at least I caught re-runs.) They also weren't aware that Garfield Holiday Specials were a thing, didn't know about the awesomeness that was Muppet Babies, and I could keep going on. It made me feel a little old but also a tiny bit smug. Like, my generation is so much awesome - er than your generation. I imagine every generation feels this way. It was pretty funny, too, because as I explained what some of these things were, they kind of looked at me like "okay Grandma, good story." But you know, not in a mean way. Playful co-worker but also you-are-a-weirdo way.

I confess: I found a Christmas movie that has the plot description "Santa has an allergic reaction to a bunch of cats that stow away on his sled" and I am definitely excited to watch it next time it comes on. (Couldn't watch it because - you know - stupid college football trumps cheesy Christmas specials.) 

Monday, November 21

Fun Pictures

I am always delighted whenever I cut open a pepper and find a little
starter pepper is happening inside of itself. Have you guys seen how awesome this is?
If not, look!
So now I am in love with finding pepper babies.

 Just a pic from our trip to the U.P.

 Mackinac Bridge (pronounced "mack-in-aw")

 Pardon my finger blur spot.

This sign made me laugh harder than it should have.

Wednesday, November 16

Sunday Confessions November 12, 2016

So get this guys. In an effort to be more on top of my blogging, I put the blogger app on my phone and THOUGHT I posted this post on time. But then apparently I didn't? So I'm still working out the kinks. D'oh!
So since it's now WEDNESDAY, I just took out the link-up button, but here are the confessions. :) 
Please enjoy, like a next-day Thanksgiving sandwich.

I confess: Guys, I am STOKED. The Schmuckersons are FINALLY on their way out. No more games, no more delay tactics. The countdown is in progress. The 19th, guys. This is as close as I can get to expressing how truly thrilled I am to see those fuckers go:

I confess: The day after the election I was really depressed. Not just because of the Presidential race but because of state, county, and city results. I was depressed by human behavior on both sides of the line, I was depressed for the future of America and humanity. So we bought Jingle All the Way and watched it while eating ice cream to take our mind off of everything for a couple hours.
PS - It worked. And I don't care how stupid Jingle is (it's really stupid) - watching Phil Hartman as a creeper is hilarious.

I make this same face when I eat pizza.

I confess: I haven't even been trying to lose weight or eat healthy. I need to, I'm not proud of it, I have no excuses. I can't be like "well, I've been on the road for 50 weeks . . . ." Nope. No excuses. Just lazy and I cave very easily to my temptations. Feel like ice cream? Yes. Let's.

Friday, November 11

Film Friday: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse


At first, Scouts Guide sounds awesome. I mean: boy scouts using their boy scout skills to fight off a zombie outbreak? AWESOME, right?
Not so much.
Premise: Ben, Carter, and Augie are boy scouts (in high school, blech) who are on a camp out, and Carter talks Ben into bailing on their childhood friend and instead going to a senior party because . . . he's a freshman and thinks senior girls will be impressed with his penis. He thinks everyone with two X chromosomes are gagging for him.

How I feel about Carter in a nutshell: 
(and you will too, if you watch the movie)

Ben is simply:
Image result for jonny lee miller i see blah
That's pretty much all there is to Ben. He is intended to be the 
likable every-guy main hero. But he's a pile of sawdust.
(Sawdust actually more interesting.)

And Auggie & his scenes, while not hilarious, were at least:

And so, in the process of trying to get to this "epic" senior party that is just going to be the "night of their lives" (LMAO cough cough) they half-ass stumble upon a half-ass zombie not-exactly-an-apocalypse and then proceed to spend the rest of the movie being whiny bitches and NOT using boy scout skills but instead focusing on THE DESPERATE NEED TO GET TO THE PARTY -  the motivation for which being for Ben that his crush is there and for Carter that he is still planning for the (lol) getting laid. 

They maybe use a couple of their scouts skills here and there a bit throughout the movie, but it's nothing a layman couldn't do, to be honest. Sharpen a stick, tie a knot. Only as they prepare for the climatic battle scene (which has flashing lights to the point of being nauseating - look, I get it, you wanted to cover up your shitty effects and choreography, but there are less headache-inducing ways to accomplish your goal.

Ultimately the humor is crude - and not funny, silly, low brow, but Peter Griffin thinks this is genius low-brow, eye roll crude. I like a good fart joke, a good penis joke. But ugh. There is a line.
They took what is actually a clever premise, sucked out all the clever and replaced it with the lowest common denominator of what SOME consider humor. The end result is a movie that is virtually unenjoyable unless you are male and your voice is still cracking. Again, the few exceptions to this are (most) of Augie's scenes.

(Spared F by Augie)

Heads Up: Violence (fairly mild, IMO), language, nudity

Thursday, November 10

Election 2016 My HATE FREE Thoughts


I'm not going to go into a long political rant, ok?
I am writing this post because I have friends and family who voted for Trump and who voted for Clinton and at this time, BOTH are suffering the effects of the election.

And the truth is, I didn't like Trump or Clinton as a candidate.
I was Bernie, baby.

Here is a clip of Conan O'Brien's Wednesday night monologue, where he says with humor and grace one thing we seem to forget. The whole thing is only 3 minutes long, and you don't need to watch the last several seconds if you don't want. (But puppies, so why wouldn't you want to?)

Yes, I know tons of people will debate the whole "fair" with the whole electoral college vs. one person/one vote system.
Yeah, that's not my wheelhouse.
What I'm saying is that what Conan so gently and kindly puts:

We have a voting system. We are fortunate enough that we don't live in a land where we are not allowed to vote. We don't live in a land where we have to risk having acid thrown in our faces for being Christian. (And yet we in the states like to bitch about Starbucks' "war on Christianity" or it's "war on Christmas" because of a seasonal cup design.)
Those are the people you want to slap silly.

But I digress. The point is that we are number 59 in voter turnout. That is sad, America. That is terrible.

But then again: I support your right to opt out of voting. Don't agree with it AT ALL, but I support it.

So here are some thoughts aimed at conservatives, independents, liberals, loud voices, quiet voices, everyone:

  • Conservatives: People have THE RIGHT to be angry about the outcome of this election and THE RIGHT to express that anger. They have THE RIGHT to be AFRAID and the THE RIGHT to express that fear. (Also,what did you expect?) 
  • Liberals: Attacking a conservative person/voter directly just for their beliefs is NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL. It undermines democracy, free thinking, respecting people despite their differences, compassion for others and all things we are SUPPOSED TO STAND FOR. NO. NO. NO.  

 - I have a friend who voted Trump, and since the night of the election, she has been harassed and attacked both verbally and on social media by people she once thought were very dear friends and family. She has been genuinely hurt and stunned.
Now, I freely admit that I don't agree with her politics. We haven't seen each other in person recently, but if we were to talk politics in person, I have no doubt it would be a calm and rational "I see your point but..." discussion. This woman, while I don't agree with her, she researched her choice and voted based on what she believed was the best choice for our country. That doesn't make her a bad person, and it doesn't make her deserving of personal attack. By all means, be angry and express that anger - hell yeah express it! - but one person did not make this happen. This is a state of our society issue.

That said....

  • Conservatives: I think a lot of you voted based on your political beliefs. What you believe is best for the country, what you believe about how the government should work, etc. I think what is happening is a lot of you are blocking out the fact that A LOT of people voted for Trump for different reasons. Reasons that are fueled by hate and bigotry. To pretend that's not true is silly and naive. And when I express my own fear because I live in the middle of a red area and look around and see a lot of....let's say "less than kind" propaganda and behavior and I am accused of being afraid of, honey. I come from a family of rednecks. My background is redneck. I am not afraid of conservatives. I am afraid of the KKK thinking it's suddenly a field day. I am afraid of people thinking Trump has the right idea to make all Muslims register and wear a badge. (It seems like I've heard of that somewhere before....?) I'm not afraid of responsible, intelligent gun owners who want to defend themselves. I am afraid of gun-toting maniacs who think everyone who isn't a straight white Christian is less than. And believe me - I see it. 

  • Liberals: The truth is, Hillary wasn't going to get anything done. Not because she is a woman or because she'd be this or that, but with a Republican Senate and a Republican House - ha. They would have (literally, since it's male dominated) cock-blocked her on everything. I'm not happy about the election, but if I try to find the silver lining, MAYBE this will be a wake-up call to the DNC to take the people's choice, not the person they want who will do the DNC corporate bidding. 


I support the protesters. We have THE RIGHT to protest. And that doesn't go for just this election, it goes for Black Lives Matter and Women's Issues and LGBT and Latinos and Asians and corporate pollution and animal trophy hunting. 
I don't support looting and violence as a form of protest.
As for burning the American Flag: it saddens me greatly. It makes my heart ache. But I believe in defending the rights of people to do it when they live in a country that is not defending their rights as a human being.

The Puritans came to the new world seeking a place where they could practice their religion without the government telling them what religion to practice (the Spanish Inquisition was basically forcing everyone to be Catholic or be burned at the stake). I think that little bit gets lost in translation when history is taught. The point is this: you can be Christian, you can have Christian values, but you have to understand that America was founded on the idea of NOT HAVING THE GOVERNMENT FORCE THEIR RELIGION ON THE PEOPLE. 
Additionally, you can't legislate morals. You can vote a certain way based on your own values and beliefs, but you cannot force those onto others. That's Theocracy, not Democracy. 

I do believe this country is headed for civil war. If the world is still around 200 hundred years from now, when they make movies about it, it won't be called "The Blue and The Grey", it's going to be called "The Red and The Blue."
The thing is, there will be a mutiny. I'm not saying I think that's good. I hope not. But taking away women's reproductive rights isn't going to stop them. We're just angrier now. All of us who don't fit into the safe white box he would have us in. 

So, here it is in summary in case you didn't want to read the whole thing:

  1. We have the right to be angry and scared and to express it.
  2. You have the right to be annoyed that people are so angry and scared. 
  3. Don't attack people personally, because doing so is asshole behavior, no matter what side you're on.
  4. Conservatives: just accept that a lot of you are awesome intelligent people and a lot of you are bigoted douche bags who are likely going to be responsible for making "Idiocracy" a documentary. 
  5. There is good and bad in both sides.
  6. BOTH candidates are corrupt - don't pretend they're not, either side.
  7. Maybe this will be a wake up call to the DNC? We hope.
  8. If the next four years suck, Republicans have no one to blame but themselves.
  9. This has actually added fuel to the rage and we need to continue to fight but NOT in a violent manner, thank you.
  11. Unfortunately, I have been saying for years (ask my husband) that we are headed for another civil war and this only adds to my belief.

Sunday, October 30

Sunday Confessions October 30, 2016

I confess: We were in the store, and I saw Christmas stuff and as much I love-love-love Halloween and Autumn is the best season, there is something about Christmas. So we're making our way to the automotive department and I see Christmas wreaths and lights and such Shawn had to (literally) grab my sleeve and pull me back. It was like:

I confess: I'm posting this tonight but I'm going to wait another day or so to get caught up on my reading & commenting because I just dozed off for a couple minutes.

I confess: It amuses me that people are all "I can't wait until the election is over." As if things ever actually calm down when the election is over. I mean, maybe they settle down a little....but if the past several elections have taught us anything, it's that no matter what the outcome, we can expect 2 months of recounts and bickering and accusations and more mudslinging and more scandal and blah blah blah blah blah. And let's be honest: this one will likely be worse. Anyway, it just amuses me, as if November 9 will hit and suddenly fairly dust will be spread everywhere and suddenly no one will be talking about it anymore. Really? Yeah. That'll happen. 

Thursday, October 27

Why the Hiatus

I guess the biggest/most pertinent update is my return to work.
For those who don't know, I got a job as a prep cook at a restaurant we'll call FrumbleBinds. I love working at FrumbleBinds. Best parts about the job:
A.) Not working with the public
B.) The people I work with are fucking awesome!!!

It feels great to be back at work.
Also, exhausting.
I don't know how other restaurants work. But at FrumbleBinds, there is only one prep cook shift. You come in at 8 or 9 AM (almost always 8) and you stay....until the work is done. You have a list of everything and you go home when it's done. There's no...second shift to come in and take over, there's no evening prep to pick up slack and make sure stuff is ready for AM.

Some days, you make two trays of green beans in the morning and at 7:30 PM when you were trying to go home, you hear that all the green beans are gone and you need to make two more trays, because people ate them all.
Or you work twelve hours on Saturday and come in Sunday morning and find out customers ate everything you made the day before. They're like:

For some reason, though our city is fairly small, our particular FrumbleBinds location happens to be like, the 2nd busiest in the state.... honestly don't freaking know. I mean, we do a good job, don't get me wrong. But like, pizza, okay? Go support a local burger joint, go to that new Thai place and pretend it's actually Thai and not just Americanized Chinese food.

Honestly, I am not complaining. I do love my job, and job security is great. But we don't get lunches, and breaks are like...hey, I'm going to hide in the bathroom for a few minutes. Or, hey, I'm going to step outside and count to 100. We don't actually have a place for sitting or taking breaks or anything. The last two shifts I've worked have been about 8 hours. Prior to that, they've been rounding out between 10 and 13.

I'm working on balance and taking care of myself.
We do get to drink all the water we want. (And we can have soda, but I try to keep my soda intake down.) And I bring a couple protein bars to snack on throughout the day. And if things aren't too hoppin', sometimes one of the line cooks can make you a little snack. But still, you're not sitting down to eat, you're kind of inhaling it on the fly.
So even though I drink a whole bunch of water and eat my protein bars, the fact remains that I'm out of shape, and when I get home, it's this:

Image result for leonard hofstadter tired

I come home happy, in a good mood, but exhausted. My brain says: computer, read, write, movies, blog....and my body turns into a space station in a sci fi movie and is like "nope. Redirect all energy to life support systems only."  And next thing you know, I'm literally dropping my phone because I can't keep my eyes open because my body needs to recharge. Like when your phone stops responding to certain functions because the battery has gotten so low.

So it's a good job. I really do enjoy it. I love the people I work with - they are AWESOME!!! 
Some of it is finding balance, some of it is my newness and that as I learn and gain experience, I will get my groove - like everything when it is new. So I just keep plugging away, and I am going to work on getting blog posts done and scheduled on my days off. 

Sunday, October 2

Sunday Confessions: October 2, 2016

So I officially give up on trying to use the button function anymore - at least right now. No matter what I do right now I can't get it to work right. So I surrender to copy & paste land. :)

I confess: Fuck yeah October!

I confess: I am going to add some books to my goodreads page. I read them before I had a goodreads account. Somehow this feels like cheating.

I confess: Overwhelming urges to watch Practical Magic & Hocus Pocus already.

I confess: I know this is very un-American and horrible and letting the terrorists wins and I'm probably pro-torture and famine and I should be punished by letting spiders eat my skin but....guys...seriously.....I am considering not voting and letting the chips fall.
And a lot of liberal voters are all "that's what the Trump supporters want!" and I know a lot of conservatives are all "good...don't vote so Trump gets elected." (My dad & stepmom are hardcore Trump supporters. They have signs in their yard, yo.)
And I'm not saying FOR SURE I am not going to vote. I'm just saying it has crossed my mind.

Friday, September 30

Film Friday: Holidays


I had no real idea what this movie was going into it - I had never heard of it or seen trailers for it. It appeared on netflix and I was like "Hey, I'll watch that."

Holidays is a pretty quick horror movie in that it's a collection of 8 short stories, so on the dvd I would assume you could jump to a story if you chose. (Again, assuming.) The stories are short, so if one story isn't your thing - don't worry, another is coming very soon.
Each story is a different holiday (duh) and each one is written/directed by someone different, so you get several different styles.
It begins on
Valentine's Day
and moves through:
St. Patrick's Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
to finish with a bang on:
New Years Eve

Now, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed other holidays weren't featured. Maybe Holidays 2 could be a thing. I really want to see 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Arbor Day, oh the possibilities.

  • Valentine's Day was predictable but enjoyable, 
  • St. Patrick's Day was immensely creepy in pretty much every way possible and left me with a actual grimace (in a good "you succeeded in your job" way). 
  • Easter was clever and bizarre. It was clever, but didn't really give me any thrills.
  • Mother's Day didn't really do anything for me. The cinematography was themed appropriately to the character and the story; I just wasn't into it. 
  • Father's Day was shot very well and I was immensely impressed with how well the story is told considering how little is actually happening on screen. Personally, I did find the closer it got to the end of that little story though, the more and more the father's voice grated on my spinal column. I think it was meant to be like a soothing, comforting father voice, but to me it sounded like serial killer/pedophile/kidnapper voice trying to calm down a victim voice. (It didn't start that way, but the longer you listen to him speaking, the more his voice got creepy. This may have been an intentional sound editing effect to creep viewers out.) Finally, I found the end of Father's Day to be anti-climatic. I get what they were doing, but I think it could have been so much better.
  • Halloween was Kevin Smith's contribution to the anthology and it's far less atmospheric and more real-world, but one of the most "jolly good horror fun." 
  • Christmas is where I was surprised to see Seth Green as our protagonist. It was a fun story, perhaps the pacing is a little uneven, but it's enjoyable to watch, especially with Seth Green.
  • New Year's Eve ties with St. Patrick's Day for strongest all-around. It has dread and foreboding, but also serves up plenty of humor and leaves a strong, banging end to the film. 

All around, I was definitely entertained and the stories were enjoyable. If you don't feel like you want to watch the entire thing, perhaps check out one or two of the stories.

Heads Up: (A new thing I decided to add is the Heads Up section for notes about things in the film that might put people off they should know about in advance, etc.)
Has crude humor, swearing, some light nudity, religious themes. 

Sunday, September 25

Sunday Confessions September 25 2016

The United
States of Becky

I confess: I start a new job tomorrow and I am both very nervous and very excited. It is an industry (blue collar) that I have never worked in before. But I won't be serving the public and that's the dream, so, yay!

I confess: I am so super in Halloween mode. I just want everything to be pumpkins and Halloween themed movies and ghosts and leaves.


I CONFESS: Shawn and I have a 2 dvd's out-at-a-time plan with dvd's assigned to our profiles. But he basically sucks at watching his movies. So I just started putting my movies on his profile as well. He hasn't noticed. As far as he knows, he's been sitting on the same movie this entire time. 

I CONFESS: I started reading Dracula and I'm really kinda bored with it. Not sure. I mean, it's kinda interesting....a little....not sure how I feel about it yet. Have you guys read it? What did you think? 
Along with my #all things halloween fixation, I am wanting to read books that are Autumnal or Halloween themed or take place during that time. Any recommendations? Also any Halloween movies that may not be on my radar or that you are interested in seeing for Film Friday? 

Monday, September 19

Week(end) Snapshots for Week 38

 ~ Linking up with Reinventing Jess and 3TwentySix ~

 I do not have my days sorted. Things run together.

I did turn the couch over and use a rubber pet hair scraper thing to get Isabelle's fur off the back off the couch from the bottom area where she walks/sleeps. Apparently it has been far too long since I've done this. (Embarrassed face.) Though this does leave the observation that she is black and all the fur she leaves behind is white/grey.

I also caught up on all the shredding that was behind. This is not unusual. I never leave our shredder plugged in as a safety measure for Isabelle. So I tend to throw things on the pile and then do it all at once. Still, I definitely should have done it sooner.

Just a couple shots of different angles of my dad's backyard. To celebrate his birthday, a bunch of family went over and Carol made steaks on the grill and little golden potatoes from the farmers market and homemade coleslaw (all with veggies from her garden) and bread with Amish butter. It was YUM. Dessert was a tiramisu of golden cake and custard and chocolate pudding. Again, YUM!
The afternoon/evening was relaxed and full of stories and laughter and talking and just easy family time. It was definitely time I needed after the week I'd been having. It didn't really occur to me to take a lot of pictures. 

The events that caused this to be my primary mood for several days.

Final note: When I switched the email I use for my blogger due to be locked out of the old one -
I lost all my contacts. Could you guys please email me so I have you in there again? Unless you absolutely do not want to, in which case I understand. There is a contact link at the top which gives you the email address I use for my blogging work.

Sunday, September 18

Sunday Confessions September 4 2016

The United
States of Becky

I confess: I have had an utterly shit week. Think crappy poorly-written drama that doesn't do well at the box office. Although, the good news is, we haven't reached Lifetime or Hallmark movie level of patheticness yet - so there's that.

I confess: After failing to relocate the spiders on the patio before the exterminator got to them and then failing to convince him that he didn't have to kill them, because I was going to re-home them, (apparently this is like telling a surgeon that germs are fine) - I finally managed to safely capture and relocate the peeping-tom spider that has been hanging out in the bathroom. It's ridiculous and silly, but after everything, I feel like I needed that win. I was having a surprising amount of guilt over Mr. Big.

I confess: I made 3 Sunday Confessions headers, so they'll be rotated. I hope you like them. ;) 

I confess: I unfollowed a couple blogs and a handful of instagrammers. It is surprisingly hard for me to do sometimes because I feel a bit like I'm being disloyal, but things that went from being awesome for me are no longer a good fit and they just irritate now, like a shirt that has become too itchy to wear.

Wednesday, September 7

Fashion Mistakes I Make

This idea was poached (with approval of course!) from this post by Steff in Scotland.

* * *

~ 1.) MR. COMFY:

I think most people have THAT tee shirt. The favorite tee they've owned for years, it's been worn & washed to within an inch of its life. It's the softest, most comfortable thing on the planet. You could live in this tee. In my case it's extra nice because it's baggy and I love that. Unfortunately that also means this shirt has no shape. It just hangs. 
And yet.
I CONTINUE to wear this shirt in public. A lot.


My closet has these colors: 
-Olive Green
-Navy Blue
-Shades of Brown

I do have a couple of items that are colors. I have a sunshine yellow shirt that is a thermal sleep shirt. My bras and undies are colorful. I could have kitschy socks for days. There are a couple red - Red Hot Chili Peppers tees. I have like three white undershirts and a purple tank top.

Not so much with the creativity. I keep telling myself to open up to new color possibilities, but it doesn't seem to happen. Maybe someday.


This is kind of a matter of opinion. For the most part, in our house, buying clothes is a luxury expense. I mean that in of course the requirements are met. But we don't really have the disposable income to just see a sweater, think it's cute and purchase. If I spend $8 on a tee shirt from the Walmart, I need to know I can and will wear it a ton of times, because $8, yo. So while Walmart may not have the greatest quality in the world, I do definitely get a lot of use out of my clothes, and they have a long life - longer probably than what most people would consider normal. I am not really ashamed of this. It assures that I genuinely really like what I buy, and I don't just buy clothes because they happen to be on sale, because $3 is still $3. Which means I don't end up with a closet of stuff I bought just because it was cheap.

However, the result is that I do fairly often end up looking a little bit like a cross between Ron Weasley and Remus Lupin. 
I don't look like I'm homeless or anything, but just by looking at my clothes, it is obvious they are old and aren't from particularly fashionable stock. Which is really ok. That's cool. 
But I also know that this is a BIG fashion faux pas, especially among the capsule wardrobe crowd and those who worship at the alter of KonMari. 

I actually have a whole bunch more, but then we're just breaking into individual items or nitty gritty things. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt shocked kimmy schmidt uks tituss burgess

Sunday, September 4

Sunday Confessions September 4, 2016

The United States of Becky

I confess: I was super bored yesterday so I started watching Elementary. Which you know, is a confession because when the show first started I was one of those "oh hell no" people. But I was bored and I do really like Lucy Liu, and I'd been watching Sherlock, so I was already there. And from episode one I was super hooked. Now I'm in love with this show and want to climb inside and live there.

Me, chastising my other self for preconceived notions and now 
fangirling all over a show I had immediately decided to hate.
lucy liu elementary full of it you are so full of it

Me not giving a crap about self chastising conversations 
because I found a new show to be obsessed with.
happy girl christmas excited surprised

I confess: Yesterday I made macaroni and cheese for lunch. I ended up eating too much. So not only did I eat junk food, it was too much junk food. And naturally I felt like utter shit after. So there's that.

Wednesday, August 31

Fave Fonts 1

I have to tell you guys: I love fonts. I do. I am that person who will waste two hours on picking just the right font before I start writing whatever I was going to write. And God help me if I don't already have the font that feels right for the job, because I will go looking. And then I get sucked into the never-ending beautiful black hole of free fonts. Seriously. Pinterest has NOTHING on the time suck that is looking at fonts.

I know every blogger and their mother is all "free font friday" and crap, but that's not me. I actually honestly really enjoy seeing these fonts when I make my lists and write notes to myself. I am quite picky about what I download and even more so about what I end up using.
I thought you might enjoy them. Maybe you won't.
Also, I made up stories for them, because.

The name of a store in a quaint New England town. Over the years it has been a bookstore, a clothing store, an occult store, a kitsch store, a clothing store again, a jewelry store, a coffee shop, etc. Currently trying to make it's way by books and the kitschy occult, like protection necklaces and charm candles and stuff. The lady who owns it is new and town and she's not sure if she is going to make it. The town rumor is that no one can keep the store going for very long because when the town was first founded, a witch lived on that property and she cursed the land so no one would ever be able to make the land prosperous. Unproven theory, but then again....

Prince Charming's younger sister by 8 years. After her initial phase of being pissed about being "too young" to attend balls and go on embassy trips that Stupid Older Brother went on, she eventually got over it when she realized: A.) People remember princesses names, no one remembers the names of princes, unless they are very interesting, and B.) There are a lot of unused rooms in this castle and actually a lot of ways to sneak out. From age 8 onward makes previously abandoned rooms her own, each dedicated to various "things she is interested in." In one room she has tons of pictures of the human anatomy from medical books on the walls. In another room she has created a veritable haven for all the frogs she has caught. She wants to make an aviary in the tower. Her personal butler both loves and hates his assignment, because helping to create a frog sanctuary wasn't what he was trained for and isn't exactly fun, but then again, it's better than waiting on the dumb prince.
Daisy grows up and goes to a very exclusive college in a foreign country. Double majors, ends up becoming a scientist and owning a reptile sanctuary.

English teacher in a New England town, obviously. Young, of course. Single, duh. She adores the history teacher across the hall and he likes her. They've been out for coffee a few times. A part of her wishes for more excitement, like maybe she could date a cop or something like in one of the mystery novels she's always reading. One night she and a couple of friends are leaving the theater after seeing a movie they all enjoyed very much for the eye candy, some random guy just like, bumps into her really hard. Her first instinct is to apologize, because - you know. But then also she's kinda pissed, thinking about the tough cool chick from the movie and she pushes the guy away while shouting "Hey!" and then she sees dude is fucked up and also she does NOT want more excitement in her life (this all happens in that space of a flash of a millisecond) and she already has her keys in her hand and kind of whips them at his face hoping to make him go away but it doesn't really do anything and he ends up grabbing her arm and taking a big bite out of her wrist and she screams and tries to get away while he chews on her arm. Because let's face it: everyone thinks they would survive a zombie apocalypse/outbreak, but most of us would die.

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